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  1. Apparently there are supposed to be extra dialogue options in the game when you play on your third time through. Does anyone know if this is true, where they are, and what kind of impact they have on the game, or is there another thread on the forum here that somebody can point me to explaining. I tried to find something through the search but found nothing relevant. I have played through about 5 or 6 times now, unfortunatly I have always ended up playing through once or twice, uninstalling, then reinstalling a couple months down the road to play again, I don't think I have ever played t
  2. Does this only happen when you try to use the auto-run?? Have you tried going into My Computer, right click on teh cd drive and click explore then launch the setup file from there?? I had this same problem with KOTOR 1, everytime I put the cd in I would get an error that the background image couild not be loaded, I just had to bypass the autorun feature, after that everything else worked fine.
  3. I played ls male first time through and found them as well. Havn't seen hide nor hair of them since. When I see Lt. Green I tell him they were at czerkas office and went to planet surface, get down there and nothing. I usually just end up going back to telos and lying saying that I killed them to get the credits.
  4. I get it whether I cheat or not, If I am DS aligned all my characters tend to stay LS aligned with the occasional random shift to DS for brief periods of time, and if I am LS aligned they do the same thing except they are DS aligned with occasional random shift to the LS for brief periods.
  5. iirc, in your install directory, there is a file called swkotor2.ini edit it and you should see under video options a line that says FullScreen=0 or 1. If it is set to 0 I think it won't run full screen on startup so set it too 1 if it is set to 0 and it should run full screen. I know some people are having the problem even when it is already set to 1, I've seen someone say that in this case it was due to AA being turned on. I know I myself was having this problem and I ended up just changing the resolution to something different and then back to what i wanted everytime I ran the game, crud
  6. Yeah, pretty much have to wait. But like I said I havn't found that it affects gameplay in any sense, I've played both LS and DS, and so long asyou just don't pay attention to your party members alignment meter or the fact that they get all veiny when your light side you can play through it just fine. A minor annoyance especially with some of the other problems people have been having.
  7. Yeah I'm pretty sure this is a bug, I had the same problem everytime I would, load a new level, level up a character, or go into a cutscene, etc etc. my party memebers would randomly swtch alignemnet. It doesn't seem to have much bearing on the game as they are still reconized as being light side (or darkside if you play that way) it's just their physical appearance that changes during the gameplay. Other then that it seems to be just an annoyance, there's just something wrong with having a character with dark side mastery while has a lightside mastery, or having a lightside mastery and
  8. "Possibly, but it also helped them control the pacing a bit more. I found the influence system, though more organic perhaps, very hit and miss as far as allowing for interaction with NPCs. I would hit large portions of the game where I would not be able to interact with the NPCs any longer at all, either because I had already maxed out their influence and stories very quickly ( Disciple) or the evnt that I needed to trigger more dialog wa snot hit (Atton)." Possible spoiler: I also found the infulence system to be "hit or miss" or "all or nothing" kind of thing. .
  9. Ok, hopefully nobody will shoot me for posting this. I was having crashing problems too, it would happen every couple hours, sometimes more often sometimes less, usually during the start/end of a movie or dialog scene or when moving to a new area. It would crash and I would get an "send error report to mircosoft" thing. Anyways I downloaded one of the no-cd exe's on the net, backed up my legit swkotor2.exe file and copied in the cracked played, and I havn't had it crash yet (total time probably 12 hours or so). Anyways I then put the original exe back in and sure enough it started
  10. Well I can say now that it's not cheat codes. I uninstalled/reinstalled the game, started a new game, no cheats what so ever and no save game editor. I am on Citidel Station, and fairly high on the light side. I've seen this happen a couple times with Atton. 1. I will check his alignment and it will be up in the light, I'll go through a level transitiion or will level him up and he'll drop like half the scale into the Dark. 2. I also noticed something else. I think maybe there is a problem with your party members mimiking the LS/DS points you get. I will be light side, and get some DS
  11. Great post, I think that KOTOR II was a good game, I did enjoy it, and I think that if this had of been the first game rather then the second then opinions would differ immensly. That said, it wasn't the first game, it had a expectations to live up too and I don't think it made it. KOTOR I was an amazing game, the character development was great, even the depevelopment of your enemies (Malak) was done well. KOTOR II tried to give you more backstory on the characters I think, but you can give as much back story as you want , doesn't mean the characters will be well developed. Also wh
  12. The only cheats I have used is the addlightside, that was after I started getting annoyed with the problem though. Unfortunatly I'm not sure if addlightside only works on Player Chacters but I can't get any of my NPC's to go light. Occasionally I'll look at them and some one them will be top of the light side scale, then as soon as they have enough exp to level up there meter drops straight to the bottom and not even addlightside will bring it up. I've also tried a save game editor on it but with no luck. I'm not really knowledgable on the whole system, but if the game thinks that all
  13. I would have to agree, I haven't completed the game yet mind you, but from what I've seen so far I'm a little dissapointed. In KOTOR1 the character development was really well done, you actually got to know the characters. But I am not getting the same "feeling" from KOTOR2, maybe it will change as i complete the game, but from what I've read on here it's doesn't look like it. I mean the influence system is a great idea but it needs some serious refinement. I'm dissapointed because I was so impressed with KOTOR1 (I've completed it 5 times now, it's the only game I have ever bothered
  14. I'm getting the same problems with everyone - hk-47, atton, ben-our, etc, even T3 gets thrown to the bottom of the darkside meter when I level up. Seems that myself and Keira are the only ones not affected. I myself am up on the light side portion so I don't understand why this is happening. I could understand if they were closer to neutral but they're not. Glad to hear that I am not the only one experiencing this though, guess it must be a bug of some sort.
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