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  1. I'm not sure how to reproduce this issue but, I had three personal reputations types at one point each the game crashed after running through 9GB worth of free RAM (assuming there's a nasty memory leak somewhere) when I reloaded all the personal reputations were gone I've completed cat and mouse by (killing meredith) and farmer's plight (telling the ogre to go and giving the pig farmer 400 cp) but haven't accumulated any group points like I did in previous play throughs.
  2. This appears to be resolved in beta 278 (even in old saved games that already exhibited the issue)
  3. Just tried in beta 278.. success!! Apparently the main character must be the one that has the grappling hook, I assumed wrongly that the one making the climb should have it. It would be nice if it checked the inventory of the one making the climb, or checked all characters for the proper equipment
  4. are existing saved games expected to work or should we start new games?
  5. If we are indeed playing something a month or more out of date, then I would call it a backer dog and pony show, not a beta. To be honest, it does not feel worthy of a beta and is hopefully nowhere near feature complete (speaking to game mechanics). I will not call results of this a failure yet, as it is too early to say, but I decided several days ago to stop playing until the game is patched, it is currently UNFUN with the number of bugs that I have encountered. Hopefully Obsidian takes the time to get a good stable version ready before release. Since this was crowd-funded, they
  6. The items are not going to the stash or elsewhere, unless you consider the bitbin to be "elsewhere". I was trying to move items out of the stash and all other slots were either full or phantom slots.. so I was watching the stash at the time. When moving into a phantom slot the items simply are gone. In my case the slots are not limited to 1 or the last positions. bb_mage has 3 missing slots. My main has 2 non-contiguous slots that are black holes for items
  7. mechanics covers traps and locked items... they could add more skills to cover narrower categories, but that would require more skill micromanagement
  8. Since you mentioned how to make the journal entries disappear, I decided to run a test of a hypothesis of mine as to why I have not been receiving XP for completion of quests. I reloaded a game just before the completion of the Blood Legacy quest and sure enough the journal entries were all missing... So then I completed the quest and no XP was awarded, no banner in the upper left saying it was complete, nothing. I can post the saved game if needed to verify this XP bug
  9. I just completed the blood legacy quest for the 4th time, and am pretty sure I received XP for the first time on the quest. It was clear that I completed the quest the last time, with a banner up in the upper left corner of the screen that I had not seen before. I know I did not receive XP for the farmer's plight because because I specifically checked my XP progression before and after completing the quest, and it is not listed as closed even though I got the rewards. perhaps it is not so much that it is not noticeable as it is not always awarding XP for quest completion?
  10. Do you perhaps have a firewall blocking steam/PoE I don't think you can run it directly from the folder because of the DRM that steam uses. It needs to be run from steam's lancher
  11. My inventory has somehow begun losing items. When looting stuff it shows my inventory on all characters as full, but a couple of the characters have open slots when viewing the inventory screen directly. If I try to move something from the party stash into one of those slots the item disappears from the stash, but the character's inventory slot still appears empty for all intents and purposes. I can send in a saved game if this will help, or I if there're any console commands to maybe see what's going on I can check that from here.
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