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  1. I know this is a really old post, but Obsidian, please patch in an option to disable autosave, or fix the way it's stored... When a game is based on exploration, yet going in to a city discourages you from exploring because you need to wait 30 seconds for a loading scree, meaning the 15 seconds of exploration inside a house feels wasted, the game feels ruined... I've restarted this game so many times by now, and whenever I reach a certain point it just ruins the game. Please, add autosave, since the mod author doesn't seem to be working on the autosave mod anymore I needs the gamesies! Truth be told, this is the only reason this game isn't doing it for me... I keep ending when save-times reach 30 seconds +... (Sorry for reviving this old post, just couldn't stop myself anymore... It just seems like this isn't even being thought about, which is ruining this awesome game...)
  2. I have the same problem and I remember several people mentioning this back when the game just came out. My save games take up to a minute to load and so does new area's. Save games become ridiculously slow to load over time, and due tot he forced auto saves, so do traveling and loading new maps. In my case, it is MUCH worse, as my game is on my SATA, but under no circumstances should a 4 mb (roughly) take a minute or so to load. By now it has come to the point where I sometimes quit because I just can't be arsed to load a save and I've started not exploring cities anymore due to the maps loading so slow, even the small ones... When I started playing Pillars Of Eternity, I'd play for 7+ hours straight, right now it is painful to play for even 1... Please, if possible, look in to this and see if it is fixable...
  3. Does the "battle stopping" fix how sometimes the introduction doesn't end because the event where the caravan leader talks doesn't execute, and does it fix how the stronghold invasions sometimes never end?
  4. I guess in my case it's a bit of a mix really. I don't feel offended, because of the fact that I REALLY want this game... Right now... ;P And I know that the game itself is awesome, yet plagued with some pretty toxic bugs. Now, under normal circumstances I'd be really pissed, but due to my great love for the style and such I am forgiving here. I do hate the direction games are taking with the "let the hardcore fans beta test by calling it a full release", and taking a look at Rome total war 2, I was not forgiving, even though I loved the franchise. The main difference between the two, however, was that Total war Rome 2 was a disaster, and pretty much unfixable due to the wreck of a dumbed down game it was, but Pillars of Eternity, in my opinion, has a great game. It's kinda hard to describe, but I guess to boil it all down, I am pretty tired of being sold really buggy releases, but since it's obsidian and such an awesome genre that they dared stay true to, I'll wait patiently for the patch and start over. Though it still pains me
  5. I'm sorry for double posting (I can't edit for some reason?), but I found the issue. It would appear it was my Golden Lab (pet) that didn't want to follow the group and I had to take it off the pet slot for me to be able to leave.
  6. So, I have encountered a few minor issues in the game so far, but right now I'm stuck. Here's what happened: 1: Met the woman and her party on top of the inn in dyrford (I think it's called) 2: Agreed to help. 3: Did some random questing and made an upgrade in the castle. 4: Went back to the town and met and talked to the pursuers. 5: Went to the woman and told her to escape east. 6: Tried to exit the inn, but now it keeps saying "You must gather your party before venturing forth" and I can't exit the inn... Halp <.< Also, I'm sorry if something similar has been posted, but couldn't find a search function.
  7. I have the same issue. All voices are delayed and every time an avatar is loaded the game freezes for ages. I'm using the steam version, if that can have anything to do with anything.
  8. So, I have these two issues. When ever an avatar loads it loads for so long my computer thinks it has crashed. Cycling through avatars cause this in the character creation screen and in game, when I go to the inventory and it loads the avatar it has major lag again. 30 seconds to a minute. Second major bug is a really slow load time of sound assets. Whenever something is supposed to be said (only dialogue I think, not background noises and walking noices etc) they load extremely slow, being something like 10 seconds late. Can't wait to get to play the game, but the avatar thing seems to be a game breaker as any load of it nearly crashes the game. Regards Cremno
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