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  1. Definitely not expecting any of the old Ultima's. I may have to fire it up and give it another chance, just more looking for a game to kill a bit of time with. Not looking for an "epic" adventure or anything. Thanks for the info.
  2. I am sad, my recent replay of Icewind Dale 2 has ended in frustration. Playing game with no mods, cheats installed. Game and latest official patch's. Crash to desktop entering Kulahar. I was really looking forward to keep playing (I have re-started a bunch of times in past but usually always got up to the Ice Castle and quit playing). I may try to b/u all the characters and try to reinstall. Otherwise I may try to frustrate myself again and give Ultima 9 a second chance (uninstalled years ago after first getting it due to my machine couldn't handle the game. Found my disks recentl
  3. Currently replaying Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter and Trials of Luremaster (god I hope I guessed those names correct lol). I played the original IWD a few times, but never played the expansions. Still as fun as I remember, it's been a long time. Music is as breathtaking as always. Also just re-installed Planescape Torment for same reason, its been to long since I've played it. Nothing more needs to be said, like many I believe it was one of the all time classics. Finally playing a bit of Dungeon Siege 2, got some friends who enjoy games like NWN, Sacred, DS2 in co-op mode over a
  4. ...I wasi wondering thatii too. i <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My keyboiaird is buiisted. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There's no reason you can't copy/paste what your about to post into a word document and let it do a spell check for you. Also if you use Firefox there are plugins that will spell check for you. Or go spend a couple dollars on a cheap keyboard.
  5. From a multiplayer point of view then I personally LOVED the entire UT series. Unreal 1 was a heck of a lot of fun in co-op. Ut99 and UT2k4 were both great for playing CTF. I prefer CTF to any other kind of gameplay, I actually am not a fan of Deathmatch style games. I prefer the coordination and teamwork of playing CTF, and the UT series were some of the best at CTF.
  6. You are easy to defeat. I'll just turn on the lights, watch your c0ckroaches scatter! This game intrigues the heck out of me. I'm hoping what it lacks in graphics it more than makes up for in content. Very ambitious project, if anyone can pull it off he can.
  7. I thought it was hilarious. Hook.Line.Sinker. /me thinks that Hades One fell for it. Lighten up on it, its freaking funny.
  8. bloodflies are way easy to kill. Switch from melee to ranged, even the lowest ranged weapon takes them out fast/easy. As you level up and spend time training combat becomes a lot more fluid and you'll have a lot more feeling of control, to the point that its almost to easy. Hades One is just a miserable, wants everyone else to hate along with him. :D
  9. I'm with you. Fantastic Game, I started a new game when I read this thread. :D
  10. I absolutely loved the Gothic series, and I couldn't stand anything about Morrowind, hated it with a passion. Combat in the beginning is very slow reacting and hard to get used to. As you develop your skills, the combat tightens up a lot and becomes a heck of a lot better. I like how they handled the leveling up, that you actually had to find teachers to help improve your skills. There is not much to character creation is my only real beef about the game. Even games like Planescape Torment locked you into 1 character also. But once you get past that, the game is a blast.
  11. Sacred isn't a great RPG by any stretch of the imagination but it has its moments. Honestly best times I've had with that game was co-op multiplayer with some friends on Ventrillo (alot like Roger Wilco, voice software). Spoilers - Battle Mage below. Develop your Ghost Meadow and Ice Shards (I believe thats the 2 spells). When you cast Ghost Meadow it shortens the length of the recharge of your spells. And Ice Shards becomes just uberpowerful at later levels. Meteor Shower is another good damage spell, but <3 for Ice Shards.
  12. I would be sad to see them go. While I don't post much and didnt join until recently I've always lurked here. I appreciate when developers have there own forums, it shows that they care for there fanbase. I hope they reconsider there stance and keep the forums.
  13. Fallout Series Planescape Torment Baldurs Gate Series Gothic Series ADOM (I worked a tech job with a friend where we had dead time we used to load it up on our work computers and play for hours a day while working). LOL fond memories of that old game. Havent played it in a long time though. Its really hard to really pick top 5 though, there have been so many great games I've played. SSI series, Magic Candle, Ultima Series, some of the Wizardry's, Bard's Tale 1 & 2, Dark Heart of Uukrul, Knights of Legend, Wasteland, Darklands, and System Shock 1 & 2. I also really enj
  14. I to am 33 years old, and like the other poster have a very similiar background. First RPG I've ever played was the old Basic D&D and first module I played was Keep on the Borderlands also. Been playing cRPGs since the early text cRPG's.
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