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  1. Yes i came upon this little problem a lot lol, its rather frustrating that there isnt a pass or even better, Defend option upon which you could mitigate a small portion of the damage received if the enemy attacks that person. The way round it i found best was make sure you have a tonne of power potions always and when your companion's turn comes up first use a power potion if needed then use a PP ability , obviously the switching Char thing is another viable option too
  2. I'm having the same problem, i can only access a part of the school from the side entrance (i think kitchen) and that lets me wander the final area where you fight with the elves, but im unable to get to places i really need to be to retrieve things, also unable to get into clydes house, or basically anywhere that has a chinpokemon or something to help add a friend, im super stressed as im a dire completionist and need to 100% this game. The game is bloody great though and ive had such a laugh playing it, not Laughed out Loud at a game in a long time, and Jimmy's (hold B to skip) stammer parts had me literally crying with laughter :'D.
  3. I'm playing with an xbox 360 controller and all i do is spam the Y button on the controller to sell a stack, i guess the mouse keyboards route is a pain in the arse lol
  4. I had this problem too.I was streaming using OBS to twitch and it happened a lot, every cutscene my char was missing, so stopped streaming and was working fine again, until i alt tabbed out and back in and it started again. Im sure they'll sort it pretty fast if not already have with the new update
  5. I came upon a similar issue, for me to resolve i stood directly in front of the right guard, got as close as possible without that silly scene cutting in and did the sneaky squeker to the left and only exploded it once it had got to its maximum position, both guards should highlight that way and both move far enough away for you to sneak past . hope this helps
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