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  1. how big is your tv? My tv is 42" and it runs at full screen with no issues.
  2. I doubt the game destroyed your hard drive, probably just bad luck =). Hard drives have random life cycles (i work and repair computers in a retail store) and I have seen a hard drive die in less than a months time. If you move the laptop around a lot while its on and you have a regular hard drive installed (Not a solid state drive) then that can shorten its life over time. Also if it is reading the hard drive while you are moving and you almost drop it or something and it gets jerked, then that can card damage to the hard drive as well. Not saying that will happen the first time if the laptop got jerked, but it is possible. but the long of the short of this is the south park game would not really use up nearly as much resources as other games of this time period. It can be played on a lot of machines with low specs and still be playable =) that laptop like posted above should be able to be playable but maybe on a lower resolution.
  3. Have you updated all your drivers for your hardware? Might be an older driver causing an issue
  4. I'm playing with an xbox 360 controller and all i do is spam the Y button on the controller to sell a stack, i guess the mouse keyboards route is a pain in the arse lol not a biggie, something will be done im sure in the future, if i really wanted I could just hook my controller to my pc and do it that way lol, but PC MASTER RACE! /love
  5. I am hoping this too! =P. I played on ps3 at first from a friends copy, and it was easier to sell stacks lol, i am jelly!
  6. Is there ANY way to easily vendor stacks of junk items on the pc version? rather than having to click the stack then click sell stack so I dont have to spam my mouse a million times on 1 item? Please tell me yes and I am just missing it lol cause console gets a button to spam for sell stack. If this is not the case, please implement this! =)
  7. that would probably be the best option to start with i would say, BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR SAVES by default its under "My document\My games\South park the stick of truth" just to make sure they dont get erased.
  8. CheckPoint1.sav CheckPoint2.sav CheckPoint3.sav EOptions.opt GOptions.opt Save Slot 001.sav
  9. Also to note, after checking that save point location. I see only Save point 1.sav in there, when i made my 2nd character, I saved in slot 3 (i skipped a slot on purpose to avoid accidentally overwriting my first). So not sure if this would help EDIT: It will not allow me to post anymore posts. Not sure if my last one went through but its CheckPoint1.sav through CheckPoint3.sav then EOptions and Aoptions, then Save slot 001.sav. EDIT2: ok i think i see what i did wrong, i guess i did not hit "Create a new save" I just double clicked on the third slot, which appeared to have saved it originally i believe. So I guess it was on me and not the game. Sorry about that. Just wish I didn't lose my fighter! I will definitely make a new one after playing the other classes lol fighter was a ton of fun, But I guess this is a lesson learned. Thank you for the fast responses! much appreciated, great job on keeping the support rolling.
  10. Yes I am positive it was not a check point save, every time I need to exit the game, I hit Escape, save game. (Sorry I should have mentioned I play on PC). Before I stopped my 2nd character when i first started, my first save was still there. After starting the game back up and hit Continue, my 2nd character loaded up where I left off and after going to save my game cause I was exiting the game again, my first game save was gone =(. Thank you for pointing out where the saves are though, So now i can properly back up
  11. So I completed the game (Absolutely love it, started my 2nd character right away!), And after saving my 2nd game save in another save slot (as to keep my original play through) after restarting the game and continuing my 2nd save, my first save is now long gone. I am not THAT upset because I will play this game over and over, but I would have loved keeping my original save. Even though there was really nothing left for me to do, I wanted to have a save file for each class for completing the game. Please fix this issue, If this was intended to only have 1 game save available then remove the multiple slots of game saves you can choose from =(. I hope this can be patched soon.
  12. do you by chance use the logitech G930 headset? I had a similar issue, heres a link to a fix. follow this exactly. The logitech drivers are faulty and the older ones are needed to make this issue stop. http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Headphones-Headsets-Microphones/Logitech-G930-Surround-Sound-Issues-and-Solution/td-p/1149101 follow these instructions to a T and it should fix the issue, it did for me
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