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    On a creepy island off the coast of Australia. There's this invisible monster, and a crazy French chick, and a mysterious hatch... And a certain GORGEOUS con man!
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    Star Wars, LOST, video games, TV, reading, writing, and fanfiction.<br /><br />Sawyer and Atton are my men. **sighs wistfully**<br /><br />I'm in my "lovin the bad boys" stage. :) A con man and a scoundrel. Aren't my parents proud?
  1. hmmm... This idea of starting dark, then turning light (and vice versa) is pretty cool... I should try that! might make the game more interesting... I hate to admit it, but I've been getting kind of bored with it... There is hope for me! Yay! I'm strangely happy to have found this thread... :D
  2. Atton (right after being trained as a Jedi. Boards Ebon Hawk. Acts as though looking for someone.): **sing-song voice** Oh, Miiicaaal... Where aaaare youuuuu? (Pulls out lightsaber, begins heading to Medical room.) I have something to shoooow youuuu.... **laughs** Mical: Uh, Atton.... What are you...? AH! Exile! Help me! (Exile passes down hall at that moment. Surveys what is about to happen.) Exile: Hmmm... I thought I heard something.... Must be going crazy... **shakes head, as if clearing thoughts** I guess I'll go practice meditating with Kreia on the other side of the ship ...
  3. My character had either Revitalize or Improved Revitalize (doesn't really matter which) I hid her in the room close to the droid (it has lockers in it). I put her really close to the wall, then sent Kreia and Bao-Dur out to fight it. They would shoot it. Anytime one of them died, my Exile would cast Revitalize and **poof!** they were back on their feet, attacking the droid once more. Plus, Kreia would automatically cast force Heal, which definetly helped. Maybe on my next playthrough, I'll try one of the other techniques mentioned...
  4. Atton (in response to Disciple's line) (line still in tune with music): You must be crazy!
  5. what do you mean? i almost ALWAYS beat him... maybe he likes me more...
  6. I've been searching for days, trying to figure out how to take screenshots. Since I have continously failed, I decided to post a new thread. I hope people will reply with the answers I seek soon....
  7. Agreed. Oh, and Darth Weevil? Your ruining my day just thinking about that possibility <_< :D Wouldn't that just be the worst story Idea ever? Unless you wake up next to Bastila... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What if Revan is a girl?
  8. Okay... I'VE HAD IT!!! Everyone keeps blabbing about almost everyone on the list... except for Anakin Solo! I think he is the best force user. If any of you video-game fanatics opened a The New Jedi Order book, you would understad that. I can't spoil the book-series for you, but he is the BEST. It's a good book series, and even though you don't get to kill anything, the authors are very good and describe everything well. It is very interesting, and I have found that reading a lot helps improve the reader's vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. It's a nice way to relax and have fun, without parkin
  9. i'm guilty too... a neighborhood named "tatooine" is where they live....
  10. I've found a way to get past it!!! NO PATCH NEEDED!! a patch would be nice, but at lest i'll be able to continue playing. Turn the camera/view so you see the front of T3. Then, make him drive towards you. You can't really see where you're going, so you'll need to turn the camera around every once in a while. But, at least i can continue the game!!!! "Then there was some big explosion, I was sitting here for a long time, then you showed up in your underwear and things got a lot better." -Atton Rand
  11. heliot-- what folder is that specifically? where do i find it? anyone who knows is quite welcome to respond. thx.
  12. there's a bug i've had in the Peragus Fuel Depot. T3 goes in the elevator, goes to next level, and then the game gets messed up. When i try to move him forward, he starts, then stops. You can still hear him moving, but he just stays still. Sometimes he starts to jerk around in a circle. I heard someone else had that exact same problem. If anyone knows how to fix this, please respond! i've made the graphics really low (no grass, no shadows, etc.) but it still happens. I uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, and it keeps happening. If no one knows, i hope they have a fix in the patch (and the pa
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