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  1. Yep looked ok (i still prefer the 2d original tbh)and yes It's allready on hiatus their last update was that only one person was still working on it so it will never be finished.
  2. Hi! Is there anything in the works to improve the performance on older systems? I assume it's running a lot of unoptimized code and scripts, cause adjusting resolution and AA does nothing so it seems to be CPU related. I get about 20 - 30 fps in major City's and Battles with many Units on my first gen i3 with 4gb ram,a HD 5770 running win 7 64, considering the major bugs in the release version optimization was probably dead last on their to do list and most peoples systems are probably way overkill for this game anyway so only people with older Hardware really notice it. Game is still playable with 20-30 fps it just gets a bit jerky, so it's not that bad, but it's funny how this game manages to look and run way worse then for example Temple of Elemental Evil ( this one looks still outstanding with animated trees, smoke from chimneys, small animals everywhere and a lot of other small details POE is lacking) or Beyond Divinity both using the same 3d models on 2d Art technique and released more then 10 years ago.
  3. It's NOT a GPU issue like you guys all seem to assume, the game doesnt use the GPU much at all, it's almost entirely CPU bound so i would search there for the problem: CPU overclock, Motherboard,Powersupply and so on.
  4. The funny thing is it would probably run 10x times better then what we have now with Unity....
  5. The problems are real and of course aging or weak Hardware is a problem but fact is we shouldn't have to brute force the performance with High end Hardware in a retro style Crpg.
  6. The performance is absolutely terrible in crowded areas/combat especially on older Hardware there is no denying that if it is Unitys fault (probably, Unity 4 is notorious for it's poor performance) i don't know im not a dev, i just can comment on what i see and compare it to similiar games with other engines. I play other Unity Engine games too atm like Ori and the Blind Forest and Oddworld - New 'n' Tasty and those do run fine. As mentionend above way older games like TOEE and Beyond Divinity which use the same 3d models on 2 d background art not only run way better they run even on a Toaster. I preordered the game cause the min specs where very low and i assumed the game would run fine on my aging Hardware (C2D 3,5 ghz,4gb ram HD5770) this is obviously not the case and they changed the min specs a short time before release to something way higher, tbh i feel a bit cheated. Now i have to live with the fps issues or buy new hardware for a retro style crpg.
  7. That's not a pattern it's just one other person and BSODs are almost always a Hardware problem, software can't cause it, seems like something on your card is is at fault (or the psu doesn't have enough juice for it) if it's not the fan it could be faulty memory.
  8. Every Area with a lot of NPCs has this problem more or less they don't even need to be visible for the framerate to tank, it's redicolous i mean most of the game ist just 2d art it shouldn't run this bad way older games like TOEE or Beyond Divinity which use a similiar 2d backround with 3d modells style look and run way better then this.
  9. Just checked and yes 7zip reports st_ar_0707_raedrics_hold_ext.assetbundle as broken and creates a 0 byte file but the GOG installer does in fact install it fine, i just checked and its there and its 138 mb big. That doesn't mean that it can't be corrupted, but it invalidates the theory that it crashes cause the file isn't there at all. The installer should also report if a file is corrupted and can't be installed.
  10. This is totally ruining the game for me i restarted 2 times already cause of other bugs now my party has insane stats because of this i loaded some earlier saves but i saved a lot in the affected areas, i really don't want to start over again.....
  11. I can't use my Rangers per encounter ability "Marked Prey" ability anymore it's permanently stuck at "Already activated" resting,going in combat or loading another save game does nothing. I read that there was a bug like that with some Rogue and Fighter abilitys in beta so maybe it's a similar problem.
  12. Just me and thousands of others you mean? The PC version is plagued with problems. Maybe you're just not observant enough to catch the problems. The game was not tested ... or the product was knowingly shipped with major problems. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> dude, just wait for a patch. it has only been 4 days since it was released in the US and only 1 day in the UK, give them time to release a patch. Just imagine Vampire Bloodlines, the game using Half Life 2 Source Engine, being SOOOOOOOO slow and activision says its our machines being too slow for it. (even a 3Ghz has slowdowns. lol) Basicly, give it time and the problems will be fixed by lucasarts or by some fan. (which Lucasarts should do anything about since they should have ok'ed the patches anyway.) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yes every one who says kotor 2 is buggy or has bad fps should really be forced to play v:bl,man this game was buggy and had **** fps,kotor 2 is really far from beeing as buggy like this game.
  13. i played the game 15 hours so far and i didnt experience any of the bugs you mentioned,no crash ,no bad framerqate no broken quests ,i cant comment on the rest since i have the german version and spelling is fine there .for the crashes ,bad fps : let me gues you have a ati card am i right? the ogl support from ati is really horible and gets worser and worser with each driver version ,so dont blame obsidian ,blame ati for not making proper ogl support in their drivers ! ati makes good hardware but their drivers especaly the ogl part is really ****ty.
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