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  1. All my hirelings are hostile. It's ridiculous. I think I must have hit someone when my Stronghold was under attack, but every hireling died. Doesn't matter, when I hire new ones they attack me on sight. Is there a bug forum where I can report this?
  2. For example if 2 priests both cast Blessing, will it double the effect?
  3. I knew Steam would **** this up. Yeah why bother it's only the #1 sales item on the store. Goddammit.
  4. Funny how I desperately want to "play" the game and then going to end up dabbling for at least half an hour in character creation anyway haha.
  5. What do you mean it was was never clarified? It says in the order it includes all of the above, so that's what I expect to get. Now the Steam Champion Edition is missing a significant amount of those items. I really hope I will get them as "promised". e: I also just saw that it will be added after the initial release, so no "angry shouting" from me yet
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