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  1. And need to remember,what all of gameplay need to multiply by~ 4, because there are 4 different classes with maybe not much,but different style with game, plus some speech will depend on your class, your apereance,companion...I'm gonna most'ly walk with Butter's on my first playthrough, cause he look like realy good in roleplay, and his comment's help to feel atmosphere.
  2. Hello all guys...Please can someone say me, is my ATI 6470M(1Gb VRAM, Shader model 5.0) compatible?I ask it, because card fail test's on systemrequirementslab.com And on Game Debate http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=3270&game=South+Park%3A+The+Stick+of+Truth&p_make=Intel&p_deriv=Core+i3-2310M+2.1GHz&gc_make=ATI&gc_deriv=Radeon+HD+6470M&ram=8&checkSubmit=#systemRequirements But VRAM and Shaders are OK!...More then it needs...Help me someone, please:)
  3. In Steam people talks about German "low violence" version.Swastikas was deleted.
  4. Sometimes want to live in America...Only there you get a chance to met game and show developer's and get signed copy of game and maybe some another souvenir.
  5. If Cartman has differen repliques ,when you play as jew.It will be awesome.
  6. Thank you.You intrigue me, but i will not watch this, because it reveal all secrets and makes exploration uninteresting.
  7. I don't know, but pretty sure, what thief and fighter don't have lifedrain(if RPG rules satisfated),maybe mage or wizard.More likely exist weapon, equipment or "strap-on",which has lifedrain attribute(Maybe, when you meet vampire kids, something like this will appear)
  8. I would like deciphered in subtitles mumbling of Kenny.I'm sure he has nice comments, but ,often, for me too hard to understand and translate what did he say...It's very disapoint me.
  9. "Everybody know, it's Butters!" Butters my favourite character, i think, that will mostly like his commentaries in the game, and he has good abilities, escpecialy "Proffesor Chaos".
  10. "Paladin, are you sure the bard is hiding there?" "That's as twitter says" "Carrying Raven,Butters!" This sounds great for me, and, i think, for other players too.
  11. I'm watching south park series for now...Play in Ghostbuster's the videogame with xbox 360 gamepad, which i buy for south park.I will deeply explore game world and my first class will be Thief, not jew.
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