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  1. Classic pnp conundrum. Make game balanced for a party while also allowing for various min-maxed classes to solo run, never mind whatever multi-class combinations may or may not have been checked for various fights. Forget unforeseen creative use of skills once the entire body of gamers gets access to the game and starts throwing creative solutions at the wall to see what sticks. First words out of a testers mouth typically whether this game or a normal pnp game: "Oh...we didn't think of that. Nice..."
  2. Pointless in my opinion. World of PoE like so many game-RPG world this days so narrow and one note what playing in it as table top RPG kinda boring. Everything come from adra and Ancient Precursors . And all interesting stuff about them happens in the game. Same as Dragon Age or Tyranny worlds really. Good pen and paper RPG need more variety in its world I would argue that this is a GM problem not a game world problem. A sufficiently creative GM can take a world like Eora and tell amazing stories with it. Just because the video games focus around adra and the gods doesn't mean every campaign has to. There are still tons of cities out there that aren't explored in the game, vast expanses of territory that can be developed/explored by the group such as The White and the area east of Deadfire. Plots within plots in political circles in Old Valia or the Aedyr Empire and the list goes on. The best tale of tug-o-war ever. The struggle of the GM to tell a story vs the players ability to find a solution to a problem only to have the GM go "Well guys...I've got nothing ready for the next four hours because I wasn't expecting that..."
  3. This. Totally this. Speaking as someone who totally missed the first kickstarter for sheer bad timing with personal funds, I had to throw in directly to them, but still got a few bells and whistles.
  4. This thread just gave me a flashback to Radical Dreamers and I just realized how awesome that would be with a few tweaks and mixups.
  5. Fighter 1, then Wizard 1 = 30 accuracy + 20 accuracy= 50 accuracy Wizard 1, then Fighter 1 = 20 accuracy + 30 accuracy= 50 accuracy It's equal! But it's so unbalanced. They'll need to find some hack for this. Personally i'd do "base accuracy = average(class A lvl 1 acc, class B lvl 1 acc) + X * (character lvl -1)" but i'm just a simple person who does not understand the superiority of 5 person party limit so what do i know ): Level 1 stats have to be pretty deceptive though. How fast do you get past them? And depending on other choices the build makes as you steam by them might the character be a frontline battlemage wielding a sword casting spells upping his accuracy or a backline battlemage throwing down fire but wielding the sword better than he used to?
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