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  1. I agree, though I don't really mind the per encounter set up. The combat in general is better designed in POE2, but it almost completely jettisoned the unique pseudo-D&D feel that managing resources across encounters evokes. And it's a shame too because no other games really do that anymore, and because that was one of elements of the old IE games that made them feel like IE games. I thought, for the most part, that the first Pillars was moving towards the best possible outcome of implementing that while also toning down the shortcomings of the D&D style system. With POE2 they seem to have just given up on moving forward with that.
  2. YES. I hope the sound design improves in the new game overall. I hated the looping ambient "tavern noise" inside pretty much any building in POE1. Playing with headphones it was something that started to stick out like a sore thumb--particularly when I'd listened to it so much just by playing the game that I could start to make out actual, individual conversations in the noise. I'm pretty sure someone just recorded sounds from various real-world get togethers or parties.
  3. I thought the choose-your-own-adventure style text adventure parts were a lot of fun in the first game, if a little uneven. I really hope they bring them back, though. And hopefully include even more.
  4. I hope it gets looked at too. This, combined with the Bar-Bar fury bug, has made the expansion nigh unplayable.
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