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  1. Why Obsidian should pay for newerwinter and/or d&d brand? Surely you do not pay THAT much money. Obsidian makes a good games and it shouldn't pay for the lore of other company to make that lore more worthwhile. If you like neverwinter and d&d, you can play a corresponding mmorpg, it is free. For me, you can place d&d mechanics to trash just from the beginning, if newerwinter, baldurs gate and so on were made on mechanics like in pillars, or even s.p.e.c.i.a.l. like in fallout, they wouldn't be worse. Furthermore, d&d would restrict lore of the game and combat mechanics. D&D maybe a good mechanic for people with throwing cubes, without the restrictions of cubes (there are no cubes with numbers from 1 to 100) and with quick complex calculations possible with computer, there is no good enough reasons not to implement own, not d&d mechanic.
  2. I think Obsidian should make with fallout the same way it made with Baldurs Gate by Pillars of Eternity. Obsidian should make new title like "Wastelands of the aftermath" or something and make a game as it see fit. New Vegas is worse then Fallout 2 at it's RPG core, and maybe Bethesda is the main reason of it. Obsidian should make games for us for our money, and Bethesda doesn't fit in this process, the one good thing it can make is to go bunkrupt and sell fallout title to Obsidian. Bethesda can not make a good RPG (see first 3D Fallout), it also seeks to keep it's money from Obsidian (judjing by situation with New Vegas). So I think that Bethesda should be ignored, and resources should not be wasted by interacting with it. P.S. Really even now I do see some core RPG elements reawakening in Pillars, which were not existed in New Vegas. I donot remember if it was possible to attack anyone at will in new vegas, but I do remember that when I refused to submit to Caesar in his face, I was not attacked, which was quite unnatural.
  3. Aloth is quite ok. Of cause, I think that if you do play on normal/easy difficulty, equipped your party for melee and used to fight without pause, then he would give you trouble because you should activly using pause for battles with Aloth (except situations when he is out of reach for enemy fighters). On a hard difficulty in not simple battles you should use pause anyway so Aloth is quite normal guy there. First, you should use your melee fighters (especially a tank, Eder can becoime him) to block enemy fighters from going to Aloth by engaging them (keep in mind doorways, they are good to put there one ore two fighters and not to worry for ranged comrades). Then you should manage the situations when you can not avoid melee engagement fot Aloth. Currently I do have access to 3 levels of spells, and each of them has a spell which would aid Aloth survaivability in melee, and he can use magic protective sphere twice per rest. So you should start casting protective spells on Aloth when you see that he would be engaged soon enough. Then, Aloth has two weapon slots, while first is occupied with rod, the second should be occupied with one-handed weapon and shield, and when Aloth is engaged you should pause immidiately and switch to weapon-shield set of weapons. Also if you see that you can not dispatch the guy who attacs Aloth for a reasonable amount of time, then you should look how you can break engagement against Aloth and order him to move behind your ranks. If Aloth got much damage, then to get some time for resquing him you can cast a spell from your priest (it's some sphere, level one or two) which makes a character unavsilable for taking part in melee fighting for some time.
  4. First of all, thanks for Pillars of Eternity! I've just finished first act, very intresting what awaits me further in the game. You are really best RPG makers now. I couldn't continue playing recent dragon age 3 when mighty inqvisitor was kicked(?!?!) from the palace by some servants (with a system message?!) for his breaking etiquette by fighting invaders in a palace (?!?!?!?!) - because dragon age 3 after that moment fully turned into some strange mix of arcade mini games, while I do like RPG. So, Pillars of Eternity is a fresh air, I waited it for years, wasteland 2 was much weaker. You have made an intresting plot with meaningfull dilemas, and your combat system already looks better then dnd, one should decide now which attribute to increase. So, all is well, press on, I want you to become the most large company on the RPG market, perhaps you should be larger then EA, only do not loose your quality. Be independent, that also means you should have enough money to take financial risks. Remember, some of publishers may well be your enemies because while a gamer plays your game once more time because he didn't tried yet another class or character ideals, he may well not buy call of duty x or some so-called "rpg". Rely on your strength, steam, and community. I can help with finding untrivial moral problems for your future games should you need it.
  5. Do not know about melee weapons, but I believe ranged weapons do remember their loaded/unloaded states. Chanter companion reloads his weapon after combat ends, and it should finish reloading before next fight if he intends to shoot and not to reload at the start of next battle. So, I think, it is possible to take perks for wielding additional weapon sets, and one can carry four rifles or crossbows at a time, then discharge them at the start of battle one after another making good DPS at the beginning of battle, but then he would need to recharge a weapon instead of switching it to another.
  6. Good. The key for downloading game in steam would be send on e-mail?
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