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  1. It seems that party banter while travelling (not on ship) have suddenly ended to me. I had Parvati&Max banter, then after I recruited Ellie I had a couple of dialogs between her and Parvati as well. But after Felix has joined my party shortly after I had no banter at all. I nearly done Roseway now and I tried different companions, but there were no dialogs for any combination. I thought that elevator to SubLight on Groundbreaker usually triggers banter, but nothing happens:( Have someone experienced the same issue? Could it be some bug, or I have to wait? What can trigger the banter?
  2. Luckily my problem with containers not opening solved by leaving and re-entering location. Turned out to be not so critical.
  3. Similar problem - can't open containers, gather loot after combat, etc. This started after 1.03 patch was applied.
  4. I can't gather loot after combat now, can't loot any container (even opened). Really, what this patch has done to the game? Was there QA?
  5. No fix for crash on 32-bit systems, that's sad Apart from this - good job, thanks!
  6. Interesting however - I play on Win XP 32-bit with 4GB RAM. I just got to Gilded Vale without problems! (and I didn't use any memory tweaks as described above). Probably this issue doesn't occur 100% on all 32-bit systems? I also shut down all other programs (browsers, anti-virus software, etc.) having PoE as the only application launched (well, along with Steam client )
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