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  1. Can anyone explain how the card pool works in quest mode? If I decide to switch characters, do I have to loot my old character to return those cards to the pool of available cards that I can find?
  2. Unfortunately, my issue is a card reward bug (rather than power selection), and cycling through the characters doesn't do anything.
  3. After finishing a quest, Ezren cannot select his Arcane Spell reward for level 26, no matter what I do. Selecting him does nothing, and the entire rewards page is unresponsive. Quitting, going the vault, etc. nothing resets as it always goes back to the quest rewards page. iOS 10.1.1 iPad 2 VER 704-20161116 PFID 13011EB7D64C6BCD Quest Mode (rewards screen - legendary difficulty) Valerios, Lem, Ezren, Kyra, Seelah, Merisiel Attached are the rewards screens, in the second one, I cannot proceed as selecting anything, including Ezren himself, does nothing.
  4. This is where PoE exceeds the expectations. It looks better than any of the IE games. A lot better. Period. And this isn't fanboyism. I've not seen or heard of a single person, on any forum, who has looked at the IE games, then looked at PoE and came to any conclusion other than: PoE looks more beautiful. And the lies continue: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70418-is-it-me-or-baldurs-gate-look-better-than-poe/ While I think that Stun's post is full of hyperbole, gauging whether or not something looks better than another is a rather subjective thing. However, I think that the gene
  5. The truly consumer-friendly option would be to simply not base reviews on pre-release code. If more sites followed that policy, embargoes would be irrelevant. Of course, most won't do it because they want day 1 site traffic. Well this isn't technically pre-release code, I assume that the keys given to reviewers is the "gold" version. Generally, the main reason publishers want to delay reviews until the release date in order to protect pre-orders against a low metacritic score. I don't really like release date embargoes, in general. I think they're generally bad for the consumer.
  6. So there's is a release date embargo? Wasn't there just a huge crapstorm in the gaming community recently about enforced release date embargoes? Well I guess Kotaku won't be doing an early access review of it.
  7. Is there a PoE review watch thread somewhere? Now that the game is in the wild, I'm curious to read the first impressions and reviews of the game. A game like this has been a long time coming. This is a particular itch that I've wanted needed to scratch for a very long time. Last year's Divinity: Original Sin helped, but didn't quite get me there. Thanks to Obsidian for helping me with my obsession!
  8. Respecs tend to only appear in games like RPGs where there is a good chance that early choices can cripple or harm a character's development. RPGs, in particular, often require an abundance of knowledge and system mastery at the beginning of the game (when your character is created) rather than the end. In fact, some of the choices you make at the beginning of an RPG when you have the least knowledge have the most impact on the game (class, race, stats, alignment, etc.). This is actually the opposite of how many games work today (e.g., introduce a mechanic, let the player explore that mechanic
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