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  1. I pledged for a physical copy as late as today. Hope that it will turn out ok, still a bit uncomfortable with ordering online but not really worried. From what I have heard on the forums so far they are good with their backers.
  2. Both look very interesting! Also nice to have an update at this time of the day and not in the middle of the (local) night..
  3. What can I say? Putting some thought into your levels and living with the choices is more to my liking. The many small levels and reassigning of stats and skills at a whim makes every choice lack weight and consequence. You never have to figure out where you are going or at least trying to get. /end rant
  4. On the AoE thingy, thinking of a shaped blast that radiates outwards from center (the inner radius) and thus dodges any friendlies inside the outer radius but also ends up not harming the enemies behind them. Ending up shaped like a star. I have no idea as how to program this though. This is my first post, don't eat me, pretty please?
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