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  1. If the expansion pack's party-based AI system and any other essential 'enhancements' (single player stealth for example) are retroactively applied to the base game then PoE might not stay a PoS. Strong words, but the 'inferior' Infinity Engine has more going for it even today in terms of RPG functionality than PoE's version of Unity 4 has, including a party AI system which nearly every RPG in the past 30 years has had except PoE. I forsee user created/modifyable AI scripts will be impossible because of 'reasons'. Also, Wasteland 2's devs realized that Unity 4's character models are hor
  2. Good news arrived by post today, the PoE DVD arrived from Paradox in a slim plastic case. This completes my physical goods package: the signed box, schwag, DVD and the replacement map. All shall be tucked away until the expansion comes to fix all wrongs....
  3. Thanks to this forum I found the contact email at Paradox for a replacement map. I sent them a quick note and they sent me a replacement map in short order. It was all very nice and customer centric and trying to make things right is so important in so many ways. So thank you Tony at Paradox and the others for your efforts. Yet the map itself (even the replacement) is a disaster by any measure of artistry. Drab and blurry are fighting each other over which one gets to offend your sensibilities first. I say this because placing the decades old Ultima V cloth map beside the PoE map is like p
  4. The IE mod for Pillars is so good and replaces/modifies conventions that are so essential to proper Infinity Engine RPG-like play that it has become the game and PoE has become the add-on content.
  5. FTFA: "That’s right, I even had more fun with Dungeon Siege 3.." That comment works for me as I had a very odd reaction to Dungeon Siege III. Dungeon Siege I was phenomenal in its way and Dungeon Siege II was only slighty off as you might expect from a different studio attempting to recreate the same formula, but was otherwise memorable. Dungeon Siege III not only violated the series' established (and popular) conventions, but went off in a spectacularly different direction almost as if it spited the player's expectations. PoE is only superficially related to the old IE games by w
  6. To prevent further shocks learn to read multiple reviews from multiple sources from multiple authors. Be thorough and read those past reviews of games you knew nothing about, but now do. The Gamespot review was hardly unusual in any word written. Personally, I would (and have been) directly critical of curious and seemingly unnecessary design choices that I dislike and that reviewer even praised. Go figure.
  7. I anticipated a much more sophisticated, superior retail product based on the reputations and past work of the parties involved. I expected a bigger and better Baldur's Gate with all the things that made BG great, minus some of the intellectual property of the Sword Coast, so the names would be different but you can't patent a d20 or a loot drop table. Yet many of the universally accepted, understood and expected conventions in fantasy RPGs of the past 30 years are almost spitefully broken. I can't stealth just one member of my party? Where's the party AI scripts such as 'spell-caster def
  8. The very nature of 'backstabbing' requires your attacking character be stealthed/hidden/undetected. The system in place contradicts that requirement. That you can not stealth/unsteath individuals characters is an impressivlely bad design decision that is counter to the very mechanic it is trying to achieve. "All the world is blind to my passing..." -Yoshimo Baldur's gate II.
  9. I have experienced everything the OP has written in regards to combat. Ranged weaponry is almost useless as the speed at which the enemies close to engage is quicker than the time you can get a 2nd shot off. Scouting/sneaking seems to be a whole party affair as well. I can't get a single member to sneak only the whole party. Not that it matters as my range of discovery is the same as the range of my ranged wepaonry, so there is no tactical advantage. In fact, I reduced the difficulty to easy and had 4 armed and armored ready players and couldn't even kill 4 Boars (2 of them Young Boars!).
  10. The prose in the game so far has been tediously melodramatic, overly descriptive and so self-conscious that I half expect to find the narrator behind me in thespian garb reading it to me from a script. If you think PoE's writing is good then you have no idea what good writing is. Good fantasy writing engages the imagination, it doesn't bedazzle it with written confetti. Every other word doesn't have to be extra-vivid or emotionally charged. Good writing is like perfume...it draws you in wondering what that enticing aroma is wanting just a little bit more. Instead PoE's wiritng is like bug
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