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  1. I know, I do not want a NWN, I only meant persistent worlds. So I asked: Why was not considered?. Either way, I do not doubt the final product quality. Just hoping to include that option.
  2. How is it possible that people of obsidian have not considered creating persistent worlds? Why was not considered? Since NWN being waiting for something to replace it, I thought this would be the game, we wandered through a lot ..
  3. Well ... what else can I say I am deeply disappointed. The worst spent $ 100, but it's my fault for not having reported before. I do not understand how people Obsidian taking NWN 2 behind do not know what interests people most of these games is that you can just create your persistent world. Must await anyone ever dares to develop NWN 3 ...
  4. I am interested in this too. The possibility exists that can create persistent worlds? Or just keep having hope?. I've seen the modding, but this is not the same.
  5. Greetings to all from Argentina: D. I searched the forum and could not find another post to this topic. I wonder if they plan to add the tools to create game worlds like dear old NWN. The game promises a lot and I have been better spent my 100 bucks! A greeting! PS: Sorry if this question already been made.
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