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  1. Should we be pestering the shroud people as well? IF so what is the best way to get to them??
  2. Damnit! How am I suppose to have an immersive adventure without the fluttering of a travelling cloak around my back!?
  3. Yeah I got the same issue, I thought it was just me but looks like it affects everyone. I wonder why though...
  4. Well no keys yet... Better get back to work and check again later!
  5. Thank Ye all for making a game that will feel like the immersive adventure that I rarely felt from playing most "Modern" RPGs. Where you can cram in as much creativity as possible with out having to impress publishers, who only look at the cold, cold, soul-less market numbers. Let your creativity rampage freely through the path of development!
  6. This will be an epic tale of big headed munchkins... I don't know if I could take the story seriously with that mode. Not to mention, how will they fit through all those narrow passage ways?! Or do all the things possible in the story book mode?! Or wear those tiny hats and helms?!? ><
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