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  1. Torment was indeed filled with excellent NPCs - Fall-From-Grace, being a recruitable companion, probably doesn't count as 'minor' but I was especially moved by her promise to search the Lower Planes for the Nameless One's soul in the 'best' ending of that game. (Excellent setup, I thought, for a potential sequel centered around her finding out what happened to Nameless and why, and attempting some manner of rescue even if the best that can be done for Nameless' soul is total oblivion... but alas, there isn't much market for games starring a fully dressed, chaste succubus.) A more recent (so new I haven't played all the way through the game yet) freeware NPC who deserves some love: The starting city in Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok includes a little boy named Heime who is usually seen practicing with his wooden sword (I spotted him 'dueling' a snowman in the street once, even) and often talks about how he wants to grow up to be a great warrior... and if you happen to be playing a warrior, he'll talk about being strong and brave like you. Heroes deserve a little hero-idolizing now and then, don't they?
  2. I put sliced onion into the pan together with the pork, Mor, or even before if the pork chops are so lean as to warrant adding extra oil/fat to the pan. It's hard to overcook an onion, and they brown up so nicely given time. I don't add the apple to the pan until the pork chop's at least half done. I've never over-fried apple slices to the point of the taste suffering, but overcooking can soften them into a sort of applesauce. ShadySands' homemade beef jerky sounds potentially addictive, and Walshingham's soup sounds like a noble and worthy experiment in finding more varieties of soup to cure all ills.
  3. Pork chop pan-fried with an apple, half an onion, and a dash of rosemary and dried ginger. Om nom nom.
  4. My experience is that a table full of rules-lawyers can easily be a recipe for trouble regardless of which one happens to be DMing. Amentep speaks truth: everyone at the game has to agree to let the game flow.
  5. I'll take the opportunity of a new thread to reiterate my willingness to see the above "armor" example in PE.Not as a functional armor that'd give functional plate protection, but as something a spellcasting succubus would wear. "Oh come now, do you really want to hit me with that nasty sword, wouldn't you rather rip this armor off me and spank me with your wet mjölnir?" Because I'd totally fall for it, even if I knew it's a succubus... Don't forget the incubus: Thomas Aquinas once asserted that the same demon could take male or female form as needed to... 'appeal' to a given target. Equal skin for all!
  6. Badges? I don't need to see my stinking badges! (But yes, I'm checking them like everyone else.)
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