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  1. Finally finished D/L and am installing now I checked my GoG account and I do see the Mac version there. Try to refresh your browser.
  2. Looks like some of the DLC is up now also. I might crash GoG lol *refresh* *refresh* ... *refresh*
  3. Thanks. Come on you know you want to release it earlier *hint* *hint* *wink* *wink* *begins jedi mind trick*
  4. Got my GoG key. Now when do the download appear Midnight, what time zone?
  5. GoG always preferred. My one problem I had with Steam showed me the error of my ways. I only buy from Steam if I can't get a GoG version.
  6. This is always the worst part. Sure it was a long 2 year wait since I funded the Kickstarter, but now that it's almost hear here, it seems as if this part of the wait is going the slowest. *edit: OK fixed it lol
  7. I just hope they post the GoG keys soon. I keep having flashbacks about Divinity Original Sin's release where the GoG game was not available on Launch day.
  8. GoG could easily add DRM-free preloading, the only thing they'd have to do is split the archive file to Data and Executables. That would allow them to let you download all the Data ahead of time which usually accounts for 90-95% of the download, then the smaller Executables/DLL pack along with the installer could be downloaded separately later. But I understand the developer's paranoia about leaks, so I really wouldn't mind them encrypting the "preloads". They can always reissue the installer later after the first patch for a DRM-Free installer. But as someone else posted preloads most likely won't happen till their Galaxy platform is done.
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