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  1. You can gain "unlimited" influence with Kreia when you get the dialogue option "What is wrong with your eyes" and then letting her show you the world through the force. Just repeat this and you get influence every time.
  2. I agree. Too many times I tried to communicate with the characters only to find out that there wasn't any more dialogue options to choose from. Sequences where members of my party talked to each other were interesting but scarce. I felt that after the ending too many stories were left untold. It left a bad taste in my mouth
  3. I had the same problem. That quest remained unsolved for me and it annoyed the hell out of me. I couldn't find them anywhere so I decided to surrender. And so the quest stayed on my quest window right till the end Sorry for the useless post but I wanted everybody to know my deep hatred for this quest
  4. The ending was in my opinion adequate. Would've liked to speak with my allies one more time but I guess that was too much to ask.
  5. Without revealing too much the character is a pazaak player who helps the PC in a certain investigation. I didn't notice anything weird on the model. I thought it looked just as good as any. Maybe I just didn't take a close enough look And if it was a description of how he looks overall.. he had a red shirt and looked.. well like you. Don't remember what kind of trousers he had. I'm sure someone has the ability to take a screenshot sooner or later
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