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  1. Duff, it looks great. When you're done, are you going to post the source code? I'd be curious to look at it. Akari, I'd be interested in looking at your algorithm. Thanks.
  2. Epiphany, the point to modding a game is to correct some flaw or enhance the game somehow. From reading the forum posts, most of the complaints about this game has been the storyline after the second visit to Dantooine (i.e. once the gameplay becomes linear). By modding the game, you can change dialog, scripts, et cetera so you could make the storyline better if you want to. For example, in the first KOTOR game, someone made the Padawan mod where you start off as a jedi. Someone else made a whole extra planet. So, in my opinion anyway, the ability to mod games make them better than the way the developer shipped them. By the way, if you want to read a Star Wars story that is written extremely poorly (as in the writing style sucks), read anything by Alan Dean Foster. Yes, he's also the guy who ghost authored the novelization for A New Hope. A couple years ago, I went back to read it again and had to put it down after about 30 pages. Doctor Kiara, thank you, and I'm a he. If you know how to build a computer from parts (as opposed to buying from Dell, Gatewat, etc.), you could build a good one that'll play KOTOR for roughly around $1000, depending on how good you want it to be. Oh, and I hope your flight was safe and you got your luggage. :D
  3. My thoughts, if anybody cares: <Rambling> I like having both the XBox & PC versions of the game, and here's why. I play the XBox version first so I am forced to play it the way the designers intended. Then, I'll play the PC version so I can mod it (or use other people's mods). By modding it, I can really make my own uber saber, so I won't need to get the exile's old saber back. (But, yes, I admit that a sidequest to get that saber back would be cool.) </Rambling>
  4. There's a workbench in the Malachor V Academy, I believe in the proving grounds. It's in some room at the end of a hall, guarded by four sith soldiers. (Sorry, I don't remember exactly where it is. Just search around, you'll find it.)
  5. My Pazaak strategy: - Save your game right before you play a hand. - Always max bet. - After you play the hand, don't play another. Say something like "I'll be back later" or whatever is available to exit the dialoge. - If you won, save the game. - If you lost, load the pervious game. - Repeat. Yeah, I know this isn't "fair", but it keeps you from losing credits.
  6. Take the dead salvagers bodies to the militia leader.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the negative 4 on both Wisdom and Charisma hurt your character, not help.
  8. Are you talking about the door where you have to rotate the blocks of letters and numbers? If so, think of it as a very simple rubik's cube. You have to make the top set look like the bottom set in 3 moves. I've only played it once, so I don't know if the numbers change. If I can remember correctly, this is what I did: - Center block clockwise - Right block clockwise - Left block counter-clockwise (Don't blast me if I'm wrong. I'm at work, and I don't have a saved game anywhere near that place.)
  9. I've picked up two of them by either killing someone or opening a box. I have yet to use them. In my opinion, your money could best be used elsewhere.
  10. Where do you find the two criminals (devaroinian & rodian)? Thanks in advance. Side note, I find it odd that the Exchange still has a bounty on you even after you get G0-T0 and are supposedly working with Goto.
  11. I was confused there too. There isn't a secondary console. Here's what I did: - From the primary console, transfer everything to the seconary. - Bash the primary console with my lightsaber. - Went to the droid computer (?). Yellow room between the two mine fields. At that computer, I noticed that there was a message saying that the cloak was turned off and other ships where in pursuit. - Worked my way to the Ebon Hawk and then you watch a movie. Make sure you've rescued your main character first. Hope this helps.
  12. Go back inside the Ebon Hawk and see what happens...
  13. There's a sidequest on the smuggler's moon where you have to reunite a husband (Lootra) and wife (starts with an A, sorry I can't remember the name). Does anyone know where to find her? Also, where do you find a woman to dance for Vogga? I'm a LS male. Also again, anybody know where to find some good Pazaak cards? Thanks in advance.
  14. Not Important NPC: Who are you? PC: I'm Not Important.
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