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  1. yeah but they have to be equally weak for you to be able to choose them, so as in my example with a single point in demo and none in stealth, you are forced to stealth
  2. Once you get locked into the end mode and on Malachor V seems like everyone and thier brother is dropping upgrade Items (the corpse next to bridge has nifty color crystals for instance, I got cyan and silver offa him, at different times) but theres no way to use them as you have no access to T3 and I didn't recall seeing a workbench. This is amazingly lame...throughout the whole game few enemies leave remains for you to loot, here at the end they drop lotsa nifty stuff, but you can't use it. Also random loot system is teh suck, first time through I got a lot of the same items over and over
  3. cool...is that the end of Kreia's training? Or is there more...I always found it hard to progress with her edit: actually not so cool... Wouldn't have had much use for a bonus to my weak skill (Stealth) for anyone reading this, make sure that you don't have something you don't want as your weakest skill, better yet, have a few choices... The convo takes the skill(s) with the lowest and highest points, so in my case I had 1 point in Demo and none in Stealth, so it forced me to Stealth, had I had a single point in Stealth as well, I could have chosen that, which at least my cha
  4. right before the game locked into the "end mode" (which btw, I find HIGHLY annoying) I had a convo with Kreia about my Strength/Weakness...she told me to come back when I had put some points into my weakest skill...what would have happened had I come back to her with this completed?
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