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  1. Same, though I haven't tried it with manually saving and reloading (only quicksave).
  2. Good observation. Yes I can see how that's unsettling, particularly when you hear the music out of context in this way. It is, as you point out, to allow the environment sounds to have an opportunity to be heard in between musical phrases. I wanted this music to breath in a calm and relaxed sort of way, and to interact with all the other sounds you're going to hear as well. I kind of figured that would be the case as the mix does sound extremely dry (in terms of the mix, not the pitch content). Would probably sound much more fitting with the ambient sounds and reverberations behind i
  3. Now I'll never be able to make a party where two male fighters can build a good ol' fashioned Spartan bond that flowers into a loving relationship after they retire from adventuring. Headcannon it is. I'm kind of fine with this decision to be honest. I liked some of the romance options in Baldur's Gate 2 as it made sense with how fleshed-out the NPCs were, but I can completely see why the overarching plot of a campaign could overshadow something like romance. Depending on just how world-endy the situation is, I don't think "this mage who saved my life is pretty attractive and seems like go
  4. One game that I thought approached gender issues in a pretty mature and straightforward way was Mount and Blade. Women and men were given no inherent stat bonuses but the game warns you that it is a medieval society and that the treatment of women is very much reflected in that. Until you get significantly more renown as a female character, you have absolutely no chance of a lord given you a fief (they even say that other lords will think that he's been "bewitched" regardless of your prowess in combat). Even when trying to court a lord, female characters have to find one who is more open-minde
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