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  1. I've just reached Defiance Bay, so perhaps there will be something similar (I specifically am not reading up on game mechanics, etc, but am discovering it as I go), but one thing I really, really miss from Baldur's Gate 2 was the concept of reconstructing historic weapons. I loved finding a sword pommel in an old desk draw, a broken hilt somewhere else, and that itch it gave me to keep exploring until I found the blade and could have it reforged. Or the bow and bowstring to a legendary bow. In BG2:ToB it was.. Cespenar..? That reforged these types of items? It both encouraged a pers
  2. There are a few things I find help me get through the tougher fights, and I use some of these regularly just to keep from losing too much health in smaller fights: 1. The early fighter character I have not decided to permanently make my tank, but I've set him up with a shield and put him in defensive stance. He also has a knockdown ability to use twice in each encounter, and I use it a *lot*. My main is a sniper rogue, and this enables sneak attacks while the mob is down. 2. As others have said, focus your party on a single target -- and I usually find it's better to focus on the squ
  3. Thanks so much. I got stuck inside the keep and could not leave.. I only deleted the ext (exterior?) files, and was then able to leave.
  4. First off, I ordered the collector's edition hardbox but my intention had always been to open the box immediately. While I can understand and appreciate the concerns of those who want a complete, sealed collector's edition, I am one of the people happy to receive a digital copy up front and the disc later -- with this in mind, I'd be fine getting the entire box later as long as I got the key early. >.> The one question I have relates to the digital game guide. Perhaps I missed it, but when I put in my order a year or so ago I didn't know there would be a physical guide. I would m
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