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  1. The way Damage Type is usually implemented is that ALL weapons have a single physical damage type, which is further enhanced by elemental damage types, is this true for PE as well? What is the damage type for magical implements (like wands) and or spells? Will ranged weapons (e.g. guns and crossbows) have anything but piercing damage? and which PE armor offer the most weakness against piercing damage? (I assume Plate armor offer the most protection against it) Will we be able to craft or find weapons with physical enchantments (e.g. spikes) or weapons with more than one enchantments (e.g. col
  2. 1. You probably right, but we have no official credits, and unlikely to get them until after release, so without confirmation the titles are going by available reference. Overall the list was molded according New vegas credits template, and still can use some work, so if anyone got any new references either put them up or post them here 2. You are right - Hector Espinoza, Lead Environment Artist link 3. As I understand most people on the team dip their toes in various aspect of development, the titles go by what they specifically credited as (in the updates, by the devs, etc)
  3. So difficulty levels are replaced with less/normal/more enemies slider?! Do we actually know how many difficult levels are there?
  4. It would be nice if someone can compile a list with all the technical and modding info available to us.
  5. Sneak skill seems like non combat skill only, for circumvent encounters or setting positions before one. Moreover it has been said that entering Scouting Mode will cause "all party members move at walking speed", so I suspect that scouting mode is party feature (like formations) that will be in effect until one of the party members get made.
  6. Here is the list of things I know\suspect to effect attack speed: * Monks and probably other classes can gain bonus to their attack speed through abilities. But does all class has the same base attack speed? * Each weapon type has its own attack speed, implements are the fastest, swords faster than great axes etc, right ? * Certain attack styles (and maybe talents?) can increase attack speed, for example attacking with two weapons is faster than with one. * Armor with higher protection rating slow you down. Any ideas?
  7. I seen it, but the wiki is composed from Devs updated by people like us, so it could benfit from any RPG/dnd veterans out here to help improve it, while the devs are likelly going to bother with the above distinctions only in the manual Here what I came with to distinguish the three, I think it works, but maybe someone can come up with more natural or intuitive: A skill is a bit of practical knowledge possessed by a character, which can be improves with training. Skills can be used outside of combat for a variety of purposes or grant auxiliary combat bonuses, but not something that is
  8. Its a very mechanical non intuitive distinction. For example in d&d terms: Skills, how competent a character is in various areas of expertise Feats, what special advantages a character has through natural aptitude or training How this can be expanded to account to what we have? btw does feats has any prerequisites?
  9. Skills vs Abilities vs Talents what the difference? So far I gathered that Abilities are class specific things that we can do, gained with level. Talents are the same only not necessarily class specific and gained every three levels. While Skills are the same only can be gained by everyone and have levels?
  10. Do we have a description of Human\Dwarf\Elf races, and what define them or how they are unique. Or shall we assume they will be the classical variants? because with troll it proved not to be the case.
  11. You might want to help with the Eternity Developers list and info at the wiki, they can use someone like you who is uptodate and it is a good place for reference that wont get lost at the bottom of thread!
  12. The wiki seems to develop nicely, but they can use some expert help in theme design department. From the three projects I follow Wasteland2, Eternity and Numenera this wiki is the least appealing theme wise of the three.
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