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  1. You couldn't get enough for prestige?? Were you trying to keep a neutral stance because for light side I had light master by time was just starting Nar Shadda right after Telos.
  2. Just luck on some though you can get silver later on by helping out in the trade wars. You can also get silver at the brother's emporium on citadel station randomly. If you really want it then you can keep loading a save and going down for the items to keep changing.
  3. You actually don't have to wait that long the moment you see you are back alone just go to party selection screen and click Atton and Kreia and select ok and they are back.
  4. You know after you leave Peragus? Where Atton ask you about your lightsaber?? He is suppose to be sitting in the chair working at the console but somehow as he is talking to me it only happened once they reversed it he was moving his hands over air looked like a mime as the quetions were asked lol.
  5. I am basically saying when everyone talked of the ending they made it sound so terrible so I ended up expecting not the best of endings but fact is they played it out well while people like alot of info at the end the way it was setup will make it easier if a sequel is made.
  6. I expected alot less of the ending then what I got and honestly to those saying it leaves too much unsaid thing about it with Kotor to many things were set in stone as it came to characters what happened to them. If Revan was dark then there was no way certain characters survived. (Jolee Juhani and however you handled mission and the non-talkative wookie Zalbarr.) While the ending hints at the futures of many the fact is they don't tell you what happens to them right there so it leaves many options open for a sequel. While whenever you play a game you always like to have more of an ending I a
  7. Well overall damage would go the double bladed but to just look better would do two singles because just seems your character look better at times lol.
  8. Really depends on what your looking for but I wanted the skill points and then became fighter so did Sentinel->Weapons Master first time through and character owned by end even with less skill points from switching I had enough skills to create any item that I needed and was still an awesome fighter. It is just alot more useful for skills this time so for anytime through other then purposely doing something different I plan to go Sentinel and any other prestige class.
  9. Dont think it would be terrible but the main strength to Kotor is story and interacting with npc's I mean come on you would have people there as jedi going u got any itemz I can buy?? Something along those lines would ruin the fun of it all.
  10. lol well that would be a fun idea I look forward to playing the game bugs are no bugs. I appreciate the ideas of some about how to avoid such trouble and plan to take that advice. While I am happy for those getting the game with more bugs fixed I still greatly look forward to getting it on christmas.
  11. That game is indeed fun I am just glad by time I first played it was so cheap was definately worth the 10$ I payed more so then paying even 30$ when bought sudeki.
  12. lol on Fable I know what you mean but you are talking for the average player not my own time thats why I said about 10 hours. The game is fun and I still enjoy it but its entertainment for a day while spread out this game could easily last you a week for a playthrough. As for Morrowind that is a great Rpg but if one could be taken to long that would be it. They allow you alot of freedom no doubt about it but they could have broken that into a few games. I do enjoy the fact in both Fable and Morrowind you can play past the ending though in Fable it is almost foolish to do so. The only reason mo
  13. Yeah LoTR: The third age was a downcry it was a fun game for all it was worth but with fairly set paths for your character with very little true freedom it didn't really hold alot of replay value for me. Perhaps with more time Kotor 2 could have been improved. The fact is the game is out I am glad it is if it doesn't live up to all my hopes so be it I will still think it an awesome game. The fact is most games will never meet players expectations then we wonder why developers don't let out alot when fact is you get a player expecting alot. If Obsidian had said nothing of anything new most pla
  14. I am actually glad to hear that I want battles where you actually have to think some strategy if you hope to survive and I definately plan to set it to difficult even my first time through.
  15. Honestly hearing what people rave on the story up to that point I could honestly care less if the ending is beyond terrible. I still think it will probably a decent one compared to many but even if that is just high hopes I will love the game and play it many times through. As to some saying the final fight was too easy of course it would be your talking about using D20 system rules and even if you look at D&D a character reaching the level points we are talking about are near godly in most aspects. Of course things can be changed to try and challenge them but its also a point to let a pla
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