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  1. The scary part is, that kinda sounds like fun . . .
  2. I do. I DM a multiplayer weekly campaign, and using prefabs is the only way to build fast enough to stay ahead of the group. For a while, I was using 2 prefabs for every 1 area I created, but now I've increased that to more of a 3:1 ratio.
  3. "NWN2_Deities.2da can now be overridden correctly, without having to stick it into the override directory" Does anyone know if this made it into the final version of the patch?
  4. Ah, thanks very much. I was quite confused by this.
  5. Am I suppossed to lose my 2 companions on Telos after the part where I control R4D4 to help the Ilthorians? After I finish the quest where I get to control R4D4, I am back in my main character's body, and all my party mates are gone. Does anyone know if this is intended, or a bug?
  6. Hopefully, the flames won't get too bad on these forums. It seems many games' forums start out with lots of participation from the developers, then folks come along who lack in manners and start flaming away, and developers understandibly get gun-shy and stay away from all the negativity spewing in the forums, for their own sanity and morale's sake. I guess in an online world, it is too much to expect everyone to remember that there are real folks with real feelings on the other end. That, plus those with problems or issues speak much louder and more frequently than others in many forums. Those also seem to be the folks who shoot themselves in the foot, not understanding that their opinion might get considered a bit more, and not dismissed out of hand, if they could only express it with some level of maturity and manners.
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