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  1. I loaded up version 2.0 in Visual Studio Code to study it as well, and according to it there are 8 trailing commas in the code. I also ran it through https://jsonlint.com/ and it identified the trailing commas as well. The following are Visual Studio Code line numbers, but I loaded your file in notepad++ and the line numbers match up there as well. 1. Line 689 after "Parameters": ["3fbac293-4650-4257-859e-67c8d167f29a"] 2. Line 701 after ] -- (it's after the closing bracket on the line below "13") 3. Line 716 after "Parameters": ["cb9e3e3b-37ed-4301-a9f4-02f4588e8287"] 4. Line 728 after
  2. Use Notepad ++ This is really comfortable to check gamedatabundle , before you need to convert the bundle in json format with some plugin ( I use JSTool ) I highly recommend writing code in Visual Studio Code (https://code.visualstudio.com/). I didn't know jack about JSON when I first starting writing POE2 mods, and I was using notepad++ then as well. However, on one of the dev tutorials here they said they were using it so I thought I'd give it a try. It runs way faster than notepad++ does, at least for me, when loading one of the big gamedatabundle files. It "prettifies" them
  3. I knew about that mod - can't believe I didn't think to check it out. Turns out, though, that the code was the same. I went through the whole global settings file and changed a bunch of things. Everything else is working except the character creation changes. But when I remove the CC changes and save them in a file of their own, it works fine. Not sure what the problem is because when I run both the new CC changes file and my original global settings changes file (minus the CC changes of course) then it all works. It's very strange. In any event, thank you for the reply. B
  4. I'm just wondering if modding the value of "CharacterCreationAttributePoints" is supposed to do anything? The Game Data Formats Documentation says, "Total number of attribute points available to the player at character creation." However, this appears to not be the case. I've changed the value to both a higher and lower number than 15 and neither makes any difference as during character creation I always start with 15 points. Why is it there if it doesn't do anything? Anyone else have any success with changing this?
  5. Don't know where else to post this, so I'm posting it here. The voice over actor for "Giordu Red-Handed" pronounces the word "victuals" incorrectly. He says it phonetically, as if he's reading it from a script, rather than saying "vittles". I don't know how much money it would cost to have them re-record that line, or have someone else re-record all of this character's lines, but it was really cringe-worthy to me. Anyway - just FYI. Loving the game so far.....
  6. Love this modding tool! Thank you for your time developing it. I have found, though, in my experience it doesn't deal with decimal amounts at all. If I'm editing an ability or status effect with a BaseValue of, say, 0.5 and I change it to 0.25, the export result drops the decimal amount and leaves me with just the 0. Of course this is easily corrected in the resulting .gamedatabundle file using Notepad++, it's just annoying. I have also changed an ability that was 1.5 to 1.2 and, again, it dropped the decimal amount and left me with just the 1. I've tested this in multiple browsers and it's al
  7. I've searched and found posts here and there that suggested plans were at one time considered for a merchandise / clothing store here on the Obsidian Entertainment site. I would very much like to obtain at least an Obsidian Entertainment t-shirt. Any future plans for this?
  8. Is it okay to buy an extra beta key and give it to a friend? Even if they aren't a backer, or a part of the community yet? Can't wait for the 18!
  9. Thank you for bringing back the classic CRPG. Been playing a lot of BG / BG2 lately, and I'm really looking forward to diving into this game.
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