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  1. Yeah I am bloody loving this so far! I've gone with a rogue but I can see myself trying a few more builds before getting too far into the campaign. Check out all the bases, you know?
  2. Anticipation levels are certainly rising as we enter the final straight here. I actually missed some of the old infinity engine games on the first time around and its only through GOG that I'm getting to play catch up. It really was a marvellous era and I'm very much looking forward to seeing Obsidian's modern take.
  3. Yeah, I'm trying to maintain a sanguine veneer and to manage my expectations when it comes to this game but inside this is pretty much exactly what is going on. Roll on the 26th!
  4. Oh my but that's an enticing trailer! I really am looking forward to this I have to say. "Hurry up... but don't rush it!" is what my thought process essentially boils down to here. So, carry on as is then.
  5. Just to follow up on my last post - I see that I'm not in the beta. Never mind, I'll be interested in seeing how the others get on with it.
  6. Firstly a big congrats to Obsidian on getting the beta out! :D Secondly, and pardon my ignorance here, but how do you obtain your beta key? Its not showing under my 'products' tab. Is this only for backers at a higher level than my (admittedly) base level of backing? In any case, if I am entitled to a beta key, it'll be a day or two before I can d/l it, so hopefully the servers will have had time to recover!
  7. 10 years eh? Congrats to Obsidian! My Obsidian moments then (some minor plot spoilers of older Obsidian games follow) KOTOR2 I absolutely loved this game! This game was full of great ideas and story, but for me the outstanding memory would probably be Kreia (spelling?). I had previously felt that the binary morality system of KOTOR was a bit simplistic and here was someone in the game pointing out the absurdity of the extreme views of both the jedi and the sith. Perhaps she didn't entirely have my interests at heart then? (Full disclosure, I am only now getting around to playing the rest
  8. Greetings all, long time OBSIDIAN fan here (though I am also partial to Oblivion), but its only now that I've finally got around to becoming an early backer. Having said that, given the project's name it does seem fair that I'd take my time over this. Anyway, now that I've taken the plunge I can say that I'm very much looking forward to playing this!
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