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  1. I'm glad Firedorn was ok with changing it (and it was a pretty funny change) but I'm disappointed it became an issue in the first place. I'm tired of professional victims whining about everything all the time.
  2. Unfortunately with this setup a melee fighter just needs to stack Fitness and Coordination and he not only gets great deflection but can attack faster and hit harder with each hit with less chance of interruption. Pretty nice ideas though, could be worth trying when the modding scene kicks up more.
  3. I'm honestly curious, where in the original memorial was the man in bed refered to as trans? The word transmisogynistic has been used to reference it but there is no indication that the man "Firedorn" slept with was trans.
  4. So you acknowledge that Obsidian is the authority ruling the regime (the development of the game)?
  5. This is really disappointing. I chose GOG over Steam as a gut reaction - while I love Steam, any DRM is obstructive, so why not go DRM-free. Had I known that this version of the game wouldn't receive the same support priority as Steam, I simply would have chosen Steam. I think I know why this wouldn't be well-communicated beforehand, but you've left me remorsefully wishing I had redeemed a different version of the game. I know in the grand scheme of things, it's not a major impact. Only 10 hours in, and I already love this game. But this still leaves me feeling disadvantaged. It's a bummer. Any news on improving patch roll-outs in the future to all platforms simultaneously? Barring that; if Steam will always be treated preferentially, is it not unreasonable to request to transfer my purchase over to that platform? I know that's a troublesome request that's easier to dismiss than fulfill, but what's a fair option, here? The problem is on the end of GoG/Origin not Obsidian. They need to make a patcher over at GoG for you to download separately and Origin also preinspects any patch sent by the developer of their products. With Valve they receive the patch and release what is sent to them as soon as they can. You chose the platform that uses the longest process so unfortuately you will have to wait for GoG to inspect and create their own patcher for you.
  6. Prior to release, we worked with many of our backers to iterate on content they asked to be put into the game that didn't strike the right tone. Good to know the Gamebanshee.com self pat on the back fit with the tone of Pillars.
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