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  1. As with several others posting here, I am going to have to say "no dice" to Episodic Content, but please consider sticking with open world (at least for any large-scale RPG's). On the subject of Kickstarters, the format seems to have worked for inExile, but the one thing I would do differently is offer potential backers the ability to play a demo of Pillars of Eternity. This would allow players to see what Obsidian accomplished in it's previous offerings. Those who like what they've seen in Pillars (or other games in the future), might have more incentive to back future Kickstarters (even
  2. I am with Sensuki on this subject, but it would be nice if the Endless Paths were expanded to the lowest levels possible (at the very least making it down to the statue's feet). An expansive library of crafting recipes, and perhaps even, an ability to "combo-enchant" items with multiple enchantments would be rather nice, if your character possesses the sufficient proficiency necessary to do so. Other than that, additional stretch goals should be reserved for the Expansion Pack. One such idea I would like to expand upon (assuming we're playing the same character in the expansion pack) is t
  3. Thanks, J.E., and thank you for developing Pillars of Eternity. Your dedication is greatly appreciated, and I cannot wait to play this game, which I am sure will be a masterpiece.
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