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  1. They have a magic courier system that stores and delivers items as needed, or that is what I choose to believe .
  2. I'd like to be "Charming Wanderer of the Obsidian Order" , thank you very much
  3. It is always good to have more options and it can be fun to mess with, summoning monsters, etc. So yes, I think a console is a good idea .
  4. Yes to both, at least based on the info the devs have given. If I remember correctly, you will be able to customize auto-pause settings (i.e. enemy spotted, trap spotted, etc.) as well. That's good to hear, I do not have the best reflexes in the world so it is very helpful .
  5. So I assume it is a similar system to the one used in Baldur's Gate and the likes? Does/will it have an option to autopause on encounters and other specific situations?
  6. I don't have it yet, but I just registered to the portal to complete my pledge
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