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  1. To help your confusion, the bug is that you can do all the quests for everyone and no one will invite you to the debate. This breaks the game. This sounds like a bug with the interface between the keyboard and the chair. There's no need to act like an idiot. Obsidian have fixed it, I've linked to their post in the bug forum if you look up in the thread. It'll be in the patch I guess.
  2. To help your confusion, the bug is that you can do all the quests for everyone and no one will invite you to the debate. This breaks the game.
  3. obsidian have said there will be a fix http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72793-major-plot-progression-bug-act-2-the-duc-invitation/?do=findComment&comment=1615117 I assume this means they'll stop people getting into this state and also give you a way out of you're in it already.
  4. There is, but you have to get all three groups angry at you. I wasn't able to determine how to get someone angry at you from the code.
  5. For what it's worth I posted my workaround in this thread http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72460-choosing-a-faction-in-defiance-bay/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1613498 It involves one small edit to game conversation files if you're up for it. You should put it back how it was once you've got the invite.
  6. Well, I was rambling about some of the thoughts I was having, yes. Really I was asking people who their favorite companion was by the end of the game, though. Hard to answer you properly on that seeing as the ending shows what happens after.
  7. proper spoiler here, if you paralyze thaos and kill him he will not soul jump. I did do 200 damage to him almost instantly from three lucky crits so that may have helped, but I think it was the paralyze.
  8. I did the same. I however didn't find the development interesting at all. I wouldn't know if the other side of things has anything interesting in store. Just do what fits your character most, I doubt it matters much. well. tbh I didn't even go back and deal ith it I just completed the game and forgot. So I guess I didn't find it very interesting either :D
  9. I killed raedric and put kolsc in place and there was an interesting development latr on in act 3.
  10. I hit this and worked around it by editing the conversation for clyver. in Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\conversations\02_defiance_bay_first_fires\02_cv_clyver_rimgund.conversation around line 2338 is the block for text node 54. What we'll do is let you access this even after he's said no before. This block has no check for relationship with the dozens, presumably because if the dozens like you he says no immediately, while if you're in hte middle of his quests he will say to ask later which is what this block is for. Anyway, a bit further down, starting line 2406
  11. I have no save, I messed up very early on entering the city I think. Looking at the conversation tree xml I have refused set on both dozens and clyver, but the webb backup invite only triggers with angry set on all three. I also told the lord about the robbery plan so the doemenels won't deal at all. It looks like my only option here is to run in and murder everyone so they get angry at me? Is this really by design?? It's hard to believe no one test played through a path where you do all the quests for the crucile and dozens and tip off the Lord about the robbery. I think I'll
  12. I have a similar bug, or I've misunderstood something. I saved Aranroed, got back to the keep, the fight with the forge knights worked properly. But I'm unable to ask him about an invite after. I tried leaving and rentering, the map resets so everyone is back in their positions but still clyver won't let me talk to him about the invitation. I previously spoke to him about it before doing the winds of steel quest and he said I was too popular with the dozen. Now the conversation line to ask him about the delegation is highlighted even after I use it. I've shut off all the other
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