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  1. I would also add my voice to the clamor for an official White March soundtrack purchase option. I dearly love the music in Pillars, and that extends to White March.
  2. Thank you, guys! I cannot wait to play! I only have ... sigh ... seven more hours of work ... and then ... taking my family to dinner ... I really planned this day badly ... NO SLEEP TIL WHITE MARCH!!!
  3. Same issue. I got Kickstarter backer Hero Edition, which I upgraded to Royal Edition on Steam yesterday. Same as above, Steam UI says all is installed for Royal, but in my dir, all I have, in terms of add-ons, is the cookbook, and a folder for the documentary. I have no OST, no map, no wallpapers, etc.
  4. I upgraded my Kickstarter backer Hero Edition to Royal Edition via Steam yesterday, and all I have in my PoE dir is the cookbook, even though Steam shows the OST, collector book, and all the other Hero stuff as being installed. Maybe this is a Valve issue, but it's hard to tell from this side. I'll shoot Valve a note and hope it gets cleared up soon. I'm excited to look at all my stuff!
  5. Same here. NVidia GeForce GT-640 (340.52 driver) Win 8.1 x64 i7-3770 @ 3.4GHz 8GB RAM
  6. My experience has been that the release date/time, unless explicitly stated, usually ties in with their support staff's business hours. Therefore, I'd guess it's going to drop between 8-5 PST. Again, a guess. I'm excited, too, but I also expected that it would be some time today, while secretly hoped it would launch at 730AM CST. Either way, it's gotta be rewarding for Obsidian to see people so wound up about a new IP.
  7. Looks like it's going to be a day of some heavy F5-ing. "When will 'then' be now?" "Soon, sir."
  8. I don't have it. My guess is that it doesn't release until the 18th in the US, and even then, I'd expect it would be during normal US business hours, so they're support staff is rested and ready to go. That being said, I've not seen any formal announcement either way. As for the folks that say they have it already, I don't know what that's about. In any case, I cannot wait to try this out. I backed it day 1 on Kickstarter because I love the concept and the Obsidian team. Between Divinity: Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity, I'm loving that I'm getting two really deep, no-compromise RPGs. Good times.
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