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  1. Just hit this crash 3 times in a row- when I try to go up to the siege platform the game just dies after the loading screen. I just have a black screen + music. This did not happen the first time I played through this area, so no idea why it is happening. Not wearing any priest robes- just killing everyone for loot and money (but no experience? Why not?).
  2. I am having this same problem with my game (repeating page noise, very irritating), and it started around the wolves when I was using fast speed. It keeps returning randomly and the only way to (temporarily) be rid of it is to quit and then reload the game. It may be tied to the tutorial messages, so I'll turn them off completely (instead of just minimizing them) and see if that fixes it.
  3. So far, I am loving this game. However, one problem did jump out at me at the start. I use a dual-monitor set up and unlike in most games, having Pillars of Eternity full-screen does not appear to "lock" my cursor on to my left screen (where I play my games). This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to scroll right by moving my cursor to the edge of the screen as it simply moves into my other monitor. This is a rather minor issue, but I would greatly appreciate it if it was fixed at some point. Thanks!
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