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  1. I am experiencing this is Raedic's hold as well. Helped Nedmar and explored the whole floor. Went up to the Battlements and returned, now I cannot leave the room.
  2. I think I am experiencing the same bug. It sounds like when you would open a chest or a book perhaps. It started when I attacked the wolf at the beginning. Then I closed and opened the game. Sound was gone but came back after I opened a crate. Repeated close and open. Happened again when lighting the pillars. Super annoying and can't figure it out.
  3. Hello, I started a new game today, and noticed this weird sound issue. It sounds like it may be a Chest opening, or a page turning, but its repeating constantly. The first time it happened I was attacking the Wolf at the very beginning area near the berries. Thought it would go away after I loaded into the next area in the caves. It didn't so I saved and closed the game. Reopened and it was gone. Then I proceeded to open a chest and it started again. Closed and Reopened. Opened chest again and it did not do it. Proceeded to the pillars that you light with your torch and it started doing it
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