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  1. While it is highly unlikely to be in the game, I like the thought process and can see it being strategically acceptable in certain situations. I wouldn't want to employ the strategy for an entire playthrough as that seems like it would get boring rather quickly.
  2. Ah, trying to be clever, I see? I'm sure there will be moments in the game where you're awarded XP for some reason (story cutscene, powering up some ancient device, entering a cave etc.) and then the game immediately throws you in the middle of a skirmish. Or maybe you got the level up earlier but didn't go through the process at the time for some reason. Yeah, fair enough. I wasn't even thinking about that. I voted "while resting" because that is how I plan on doing it if given the choice but I would be okay with the top 5 of those options )
  3. Is it even possible to level up during combat? I thought experience points were earned through quests and not combat and I am assuming the leveling is based on experience. If I am wrong, I apologize for my mistake.
  4. Leaning Orlan at the moment. Anything but human really. I get to live my life as a human every day,. I want something different in PoE.
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