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  1. Made a new character and it fixed it. I hadn't thought of doing that since I know that as soon as I make a new toon, I would feel split between playing them both and I don't have that much free time. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all. I started my playthrough on day one when Steam was being wonky with the achievements, so not getting this at that time didn't bother me overly much. However, as time goes on, I keep seeing this as an unearned achievement and it is starting to bother me. I doubt that this is the case, but is there some quest or action that I need to perform to unlock this? I used the key that I obtained from the backer portal, and have gotten the cloak, ring, and pet with no issue. I know that this issue could possibly be laid at the feet of Valve and their achievement system, but before I submit a ticket to be ignored, I figured that I would come here first to see if anyone else has experienced this and might have any possible fix short of contact Valve. Thanks in advance. Edit: Fixed by making a new character as suggested below.
  3. Giving the option is fine as long as they don't make it a mandatory thing. For myself, if I'm traveling over an area that I have already cleared, I will just bring up the map and scroll it to where I want to travel. Exit the map and click the ground, thus telling my party to travel there. Makes traveling much easier.
  4. Am so glad that I backed this. The more I see, the more I cannot wait. Will have just enough time to likely finish a few DA:I playthroughs before this comes out.
  5. While I appreciate the idea of getting a tighter game in my hands sooner, I'm still hoping to read something about quests for our current companions or class quests for ourselves.
  6. I think that they would have to cut adding any into the game once they've reached a certain point. Otherwise, the project might have started to become disjointed. Anyways, I'm personally ok with them closing it off since I would like to have this game in my hands asap.
  7. I am so excite to see what other godlike characters look like. This was balanced by seeing Winter 2014 since I've been telling myself October for a good while. Was I wrong in thinking that was the date assigned originally? If it's been pushed back, that's fine. Just curious.
  8. I have a question for everyone. Have they announced how many can be in your party at one time? Assuming that there will be a limit of 4 or 5 per party, a ranger will allow to have an additional character since he has his own minion. That's an extra 25% of characters dishing out the pain during fights plus potentially another source of tanking depending on the companion and its abilities. I hope that there will be different companions with different traits instead of a "one size fits all" type of creature since this would mean that your choice of partner will impact how you play. Also, make it difficult or impossible to change what pet you have while out in the field.
  9. So excited for this game to release. As I read more about the classes, I'm getting so many possible party synergies popping into my head. We've got some info on damage classes, how about some Buff love since the party will NEED to have some way of maintaining forward momentum and not resting on a regular basis to regen health.
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