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  1. Monster's accuracy is also a problem, because with party you can buff up defense and accuracy so high, mobs won't hit or you won't miss them often.
  2. And he's right the difficulty level is a terrible joke in this game, once you reach lvl6-8, you'll roflstomp the whole game (on PotD) without doing anything. A game of this genre, with a such broken difficulty balance, is just a NO. While I didn't review the game, because I'll wait a bit before, it deserve bad reviews while the game stay in this state.
  3. I thought there already was balance for 2-handers being slow - doing more damage and so getting through armor more - better penetration. Making them semi aoe on top be OP? They are the worst atm, slighty more dmg for being slow, and like 1 pen more lol. Dual wield is the way to go, nothing can beat it in PoE2 sadly.
  4. Didn't do anything, but seens a bit, i wondered why it began so easy, then with the new patch, I was looking options, and saw that my game was now set to Easy mode. So is my game screw up? i can't change back to PotD...
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