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  1. Pretty off-topic (sorry), but yes there are two talents I believe they are. They are under the utility tab when you level up and get a talent at the very bottom, I think it's Triage and Wound Binding or something similar, one heals the character that has the talent only and the other one can heal allies but heals for less health. They are only usable once per rest though so imo not very usefull...
  2. It's not gamebreaking, just as ~95% of the others bugs mentioned here. I'm playing a Cipher on hard difficulty and had this bug since I equipped that amulet as well. It's annoying and kinda spoils the fun of playing a Cipher but it's by no means at all gamebreaking... You guys should think a bit more before you call a bug gambreaking. A bug might make the game less fun or even frustrating to play but gamebreaking means you literaly can't play the game anymore, even if you could get over being annoyed or frustrated about a bug. I have bugs too, I'm annoyed and sometimes frustrated too that the game got through QA in this state but this overdramatizing that is going on here, calling every little bug gamebreaking is ridiculous... Also, some of you who cry for patches and demand to get the patch yesterday should maybe give this http://mrlizard.com/rants/why-havent-they-fixed-this-bug/ a read, even though it's mainly about MMOs it also applies to other games. just my 2 cents
  3. Well, between this bug and my Cipher basically being a dude with a gun and max 3-4 spells per fight (due to focus not regenerating thanks to another bug -.-) I think I will hold off and wait for a patch. Since "no doubleclicks allowed" + items randomly disappearing from partymembers + cipher being almost useless once you equip one of those amulets and only realize it several hours later it kinda ruins the fun. I don't understand how big glaring issues like these get through QA, I mean, I can understand small bugs that only happen under specific circumstances once in a blue moon slipping through but this plus the "items disappearing on dismissing partymembers"-bug seems to affect the vast majority of playthroughs of the game. just my 2 cents
  4. Went with Steam even though I would have prefered GoG. But I can't preload on GoG and since my internet connection is not great and Paradox/Obsidian are screwing Europeans over (like every company in the games industry always does) by releasing the game at a pretty late hour in Europe (according to Steams estimate on the availability of the game which is around 7 PM CET) and I wouldn't be able to play on the 26. at all without a preload I had to go for Steam. Pretty damn pissed about that...
  5. What do you mean by delay for Europeans? Haven't realy been on these forums so I have no clue, just came here since I saw those twitch-streams popping up as well and was wondering what that was all about (and am also a little annoyed about it).
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