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  1. I like how monk and barbarian aren't even in the poll, since who in their right mind would pick them?
  2. Hello, I intend to have Brawler (Shattered pillar/Devoted) as a MC, but I have a few questions, if anyone can enlighten that would be nice: 1) Does Confident Aim works with fists? 2) Is unarmed viable for a multiclassed character (given that lower power level = lower transcendent suffering)? Is Nature godlike compulsory to catch up? Or is it preferable to dual wield weapons with the devoted bonus? 3) Do power levels stack? (say with Nature godlife and Acute bonus for example) 4) DO attributes from active abilities stack? For example The INT bonus from Acute and duality of mortal presence? 5) Does the two weapon style passive skill works with fists? 6) Last and most stupid question: when does an attack crit? What's the formula? I don't think I have seen it anywhere in game... Is it penetration, roll dependent, accuracy,...? Thanks!
  3. Hello, First of all, awesome work! It was disappointing to see the available portraits but this topic definitely raised my spirits! Could someone work their magic on this image for the watercolour? https://lunar-n-strain.deviantart.com/art/Nature-Godlike-654014736 It would be for my MC nature godlike (there is really few portraits of them...), and I am not really competent with photo software to say the least.. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the answer Maxzero. So that means that the MC should absolutely not be specialized in the passive skills...
  5. Ok Yosharian, but does it work like that only for the MC or also for the companions? Say, the MC has 2 in Insight and a companion 7: In a conversation check, will I count as a 6 (2 +4 from party assist) or as a 9 (the companion takes the lead and receives assist from the MC: 7 +2)? It matters a lot... If it is the first case then it means that the MC should have points in around 4 or 5 skills and the companions should be specialized, and if it is the second then the MC can be specialized too without issue.
  6. Thanks again for the answer KDubya, that helps tremendously to think about my build. Do you know if the damage from Soul Annhilation generate wounds for a Shattered pillars monk? It says damage from melee weapon and soul annhilation is a melee attack but since the damage is an additional effect... Has anyone tested this?
  7. Thanks KDubya. What would you advise for this combo between unarmed or dual-wielding weapons (and if so which kind of weapons)? Since you said Power level matters a lot with the monk fighting unarmed, I suppose when multiclassing him it is more effective to use weapons since you lose on power level, isn't it?
  8. For this combo, which one would make more sense: biting or draining whip? Everybody on this forum seems to be saying that soulblade = biting whip. But since biting whip is now only +30% and draining whip is +20% AND +100% focus gain wouldn't it make more sense if the idea is to use soul annihilation as often as possible? I don't have the beta but it seems unlikely that 10% bonus damage is more deadly than twice as many soul annhilation... no?
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but in addition to Biting whip and flames of devotion, Sneak attack was also nerfed from 50% to 30% bonus damage apparently. I wanted to play Soulblade/assassin but... With the new nerfs it seems like the squishiness is not even worth it anymore... might as well roll a fighter, monk or barbarian which seemed stronger overall than the rogue coupled with a Soulblade... or am I missing something about the rogue attractiveness (besides the RP)? Also it really seems that some classes (monk or barb for example) received more love for the upper levels compared to ranger and rogue.
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