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  1. There is no free roam after the end of the game. You need to finish all content before you jump into that magic hole, remember that. As for timer: I don't think there is one. I have been sitting at 5 months ingame time and there are zero negative consequences, therefore I assume it is mostly flavor text without gameplay repercussions.
  2. I had both Wael and Woedica options. For Wael, I had 3 Honesty and had done his scroll quest, which I assume is the reason why he talked to me. For Woedica, I was a priest with background of Scholar and worshiped Eothas. I am not sure why she approached me? My Aggressive stat was fairly low and so was my Cruel stat. Perhaps one needs to be "lawful" to be approached by Woedica? Make some choices that uphold the order of the world? I had joined the Crucible Knights formerly, although I really don't know whether it mattered or what exactly triggers it.
  3. Ciphers are incredible damage dealers, therefore with two of them you should tear everyone apart. Wish I had rolled a Cipher in first place, sigh
  4. It's possible through Offline play to play the same game on two computers through Steam, but it requires coordination and can be headache sometimes. It is much easier through GOG to basically share a game, although it's tiny bit illegal and not how it's meant to be played.
  5. Yeah, I would love this! Is that possible, Obsidian?
  6. Actually, not true. No such pledge exists, although Obsidian might change that in the future. Hopefully.
  7. Yeah I noticed that. A little error in poll design. You are right, I should have added another Blank option in the first poll. Sadly a little too late now to edit. Will keep it in mind for next time. At least there are the lore books for now. Each god has at least one books dedicated to them, and there are several parables about gods. I myself really liked the Eothas prayer one and the Wael priest who is trolling random people, haha
  8. Priests definitely get to pick to pick a god at character creation, but I'm not sure about other classes. Either way, I'm 100% sure that Obsidian will allow you to mention which deity your character worships during the game itself. Like the way in the beginning of the game, you were asked about your background and you could decide what type of person you were.
  9. Considering what prominent role gods play in the Pillars of Eternity setting, it's doubtlessly important as to what deity your character will worship. Do you already know which god you will pick? Personally, I intend to make Death Godlike priest that worships Eothas. Considering the fact that Eothas may or may not be dead, it is interesting what sort of link a Death Godlike would have with such a god. Additionally, I am interested in what we will find out about Eothas throughout the game. Perhaps my priest will eventually abandon Eothas faith. Life changes people and finding out more about your deity can make many people rethink their devotion. Therefore, a last question. Are you rigid in your devotion to the picked deity? Do you think you might be persuaded to worship a different god? What type of life-changing event might make your character rethink their choices?
  10. Really liked the trailer. Wondering whether the ability to talked to the dead hanged woman is a Cipher ability or some newly acquired mysterious power? Either way, that dragon with the eight wings looks rad. A huge, scaly, butterfly of death.
  11. I expect the Death Godlike to be hated by many, but also feared. If you are a farmer and a group of armed mercenaries walks in with a Death Godlike as a leader... nobody is going to threaten the protagonist. Complain, maybe. Curse you behind his breath. But open hostility will be fairly rare. (Besides, if you are possibly useful, people won't give a **** what you look like.) I did have a question of my own though: If I have a Death Godlike priest, will my companions comment on the choice of my deity? Nothing elaborate, but I would think a Death Godlike that worships Beran, god of death and cycles, or Eothas, the dead god of compassion, would invite a discussion why you chose this specific deity as your patron.
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