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  1. Yes he is. I discovered his videos back in June when I was desperately looking for excuses to not study and just devoured a ton of them, great stuff. Very interesting! Do you know why the guy on the right is holding his sword the way he does? Seems a bit odd to my uninitiated eyes. Digging the helmets, by the way. Beautiful plumage, innit?
  2. Oh my God. It looks fantastic. Not gonna lie, I think I've just gone into full fanboy mode. I'm super-excited about the background options at character generation. It might not be very important, but I love stuff like that. Yummy.
  3. It says 3 pm for me, so it might be adjusted for time zone.
  4. It's probably just a longsword, those things were designed for two-handed use, after all. The blade does seem to be too long for one, though, but hey, I'm no specialist. At any rate, it's weird for something with that long of a hilt to be used with a shield, I don't think that was ever a thing (do correct me if I'm wrong). And it's probably not a proper two-handed sword though, I think those things are way larger. Again, I'm in no way an expert about this stuff. Actually, this video: might provide some insight. It's mostly set in the larger context of HEMA fighting, but the first few minutes especially talk about lengths of swords (specifically hilts) and such. In fact, this guy seems to know his stuff when it comes to weapons, historical fencing and stuff. You might give his videos a spin, pretty entertaining.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the heads-up, Darji. This is, like, the first time I've ever heard of Giant Bomb (I think), so I'd probably miss the video.
  6. I pretty much always play on normal, unless it's hilariously easy (I'm looking at you, The Witcher 1). While I do enjoy being challenged and whatnot, I'm simply not good enough at vidya games to consistently handle higher difficulties. I just tend to get annoyed instead of getting motivated to play even more and enjoy the oh-so-wonderful achievement of overcoming an especially difficult boss fight or whatever. Well, such is the life of a dirty casual. Ironman is out of the question too, I reaaally like to have multiple saves just in case I screw up or the game screws up. And, yes, whenever I feel like save-scumming. It happens every once in a while when I get annoyed. Shameful, I know.
  7. As part of hussar equipment. Pistols were, naturally, not very important to them (not to mention long firerams, although apparently they were used whenever hussars were forced to fight on foot), but they were, as quest1on said, universal. Heck, I think you can even see a pistol in that nice image of a hussar attacking what looks like a janissary.
  8. Do you have the link to the article, maybe? I googled, but found nothing... Sensuki posted it on the RPG Codex, originally from the Something Awful forums, IIRC: "GetWellGamers said: Rats, overslept. I'll go spoiler-free for now, since the demo was literally the opening minutes of the game. To start with, you get to pick your own backstory through some of the opening dialogues, and they cover most of the major adventurer tropes, though there's also always the option when asked to just say "None of your business" and you can just keep it to being whatever you want their backstory to be in your head without the game insisting otherwise. Some of the text adventure scenes aren't even multiple choice, they're just there to illustrate what's going on. And something I don't see anyone else mentioning is that they're slightly animated, and with sound effects added in. It really enhances the feeling of it, even if it's just a still picture of a waterskin being raised out of a river. The game just looks, feels, and moves in a way that we all think the infinity engine games did, until we actually go back and play them. All the seams, the tiling, the same animations firing without variation over and over... It's all gone. the game looks organic and vibrant and alive, just gorgeous in every second of gameplay. Allies can join, leave, or die at just about any time. When I left there were three members in the party, but Ropekid explained how with a few simple differences in choices up to this point it could be one companion or the other gone or even both. There's tons of dialogue choices. One situation I saw had no less than five different skillchecks that could have resolved the situation, and a handful of "Normal" dialogue choices besides, each with their own personality indicators and influence degrees. They kept skipping through large chunks of dialogue, but I was able to read big chunks with Ropekid would stop to talk, and it's all pretty solid stuff from what I was actually able to process. It's all just looking really, really, really well done, but I think from now on I can't actually read anything about it. Painful as it may be, I think I'm going to start my embargo before I learn too much more. I'll leave you with one spoilery warning: Soul Winds will **** you UP, son."
  9. It all makes me feel very optimistic about the game. I can't wait to see some gameplay footage, spoilers be damned. Apparently the text adventure things are slightly animated and have sound effects (according to the preview from GetWellGamers), which sounds really neat. Gotta love the attention to detail.
  10. A name generator would be really awesome. Also, if I'm not mistaken (do correct me if I'm wrong), Aedyran draws heavily from Old English, so we could use super-cool Anglo-Saxon names for characters from the jolly ol' Empire. Byrhtnoth, Wulfstan? Hell yeah.
  11. Now THAT would be really cool!! :D Although we don't yet know if the protagonist does get ennobled during the campaign, but if he did, it'd be awesome if their actual contents depended on certain IG factors...that way, we could all start a thread posting pictures of the coat of arms that we were granted! Well, the protagonist does get a castle early on. I assume it comes packaged with a nice little title.
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