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  1. ive had something similar, but i can get in through the door by the chapel a trip to lvl 5 gives this https://imgur.com/qjY4tJu i think it may be an issue with save state overwrites or patching, possibly something to do with completing quest steps in the wrong order im pretty sure its a bug given i previously was able to visit the endless path numerous times and nothing had respawned, try checking other dungeon instances and see if anything else has reset, i noticed the bug initially while doing dyrford quests
  2. while looking forward to fixes such as spell range and trap placement, i will not be applying the patch. yes it is becuase of the rhyme. i still however expect support to find me alternative workarounds to gamebreaking isssues than patching a few other points on discussion ive seen on this, calling people bigots right off the gate for disagreeing with you isnt helping neither is claiming the people interpreting it this a certain way are nuts, people can interpret anything in anymanner they choose as interpretations are subjective. However if someone personally interpreting something in the worst possible light is cause for it to be altered, why arent rom coms like "50 first dates", "groundhog day" and "About time" filled under horror/thriller or given mature ratings? each is about a man manipulating and controlling a woman and in some cases films like the latter feature eugenics etc where the man erases children from existence because they have the wrong hair/skin colour or name and all of this is normalized and OK. sounds pretty bad right, mature themes not at all suitable for 12 year olds, yet thats the rating given by the film classifaction board or how about all those childrens shows with moral messages about friendship and forgiveness that i can interpret as teaching children to take advantage of others and be a terrible person as they will be forgiven? should we reclassify them as well because i can come up with some pretty bad interpretations of them? the answer is no, it is absurd, but apparantly obsidians stance is that if people make a large enough fuss they will make changes to appease people who are too lazy to implement mods and console command fixes to their exact problem that existed days before they complained. (see IE mod and the instructions on how to extract/ edit memorials) so lets go through all the other content that does not match the "tone" and probably slipped through verification, how about those memorials to real people, or mentions of other games, or random life advice, or website plugs, or any of the other immersion breaking things that i find more offensive than this rhyme because im also too lazy to apply existing fixes to the game and can now expect obsidian to change the game for everyone to cater to me right? whats that? theyre not going to? well i guess they should tick why below because that would seem to be discrimination.... [ ] racist [ ] sexist [ ] mysogynist [ ] misandrist [ ] misanthropic [ ] transphobic [ ] general bigotry [ ] other [ ] all of the above while ive seen a few people respond to this ive not seen anyone point out the contradiction here: for those still pushing that its "obviously transphobic" you are also claiming im a transwoman since i had something simmilar to that happen in my life, im pretty sure im not, but clearly i dont know myself at all and should just go have an identity crisis, because your narrow interpretation should be forced on everyone else. for those who dont like the removal, do what i did and dont patch the game, and bother support for workarounds to every other problem in the game that you encounter that patches would solve. with that in mind im pretty disapointed obsidian thought that this could be swept under the rug and paid no attention to discussion on these and other forumns and have allowed themselves to become a political football. i think a much better solution would have been either a total re-examination of all backer content and guidelines on what their standards for tone/ content are and what their policy would be from now on or a dev pointing to the mod and saying theres your solution we arent going to change backer content. as it is theres a bad perception of the company and i personally have a lowered confidence that they know what they are doing. which will affect my future support of their products and ill be wanting far more clarity on what their procedures for issues like this will be before i back them again.
  3. very much this , off the top of my head both skyrim and fable have immortal children that are a huge pain as they will spot you stealing or commiting other crimes and immediatley narc on you, you cant bribe them or threaten them or kill them or anything, you just have to deal with the waves of guards. where as adults can be murdered before they spread wortd of your crimes or intimidated etc as others have commented its also an issue of agency and immersion, if i choose to kill them or acccidentally hit them with an AOE they should die and other npcs should react appropriatley adding depth to the world, to go on a slight tangent, a friend got GTAV on ps4 and while playing i shot a cat, why? to see if i could and what would happen, it died, the next thing i did was see if i could track bloody footprints and if any of the npcs would react to that and follow them while people might ask whats the point? theres possibilities for emergent gameplay in the robustness of the simulation. it also adds depth and immersion, for example the first time i encountered a stag my reaction wasnt "why would anyone want to kill this magestic beast" it was "can i kill it and get vension/leather/xp"
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