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  1. There is a very good possibility that Bioware is handling K3. I got this info from a gamespot interview. It revealed that bioware is working on a third, secret project besides JE and Dragon Age and suggested it might be K3. If you wish to check out the video interview go here: http://www.gamespot.com/live/streamer_new2...12005.asx&pid=0
  2. Gromnir I get what you were saying about the ending but I think what other people mean is that all those conclusions you drew about the story you had to draw yourself. A story shouldn't leave you guessing or leave plotholes, not the way they turned out anyway. Furthermore, the game felt unfinished like the whole hk faactory thing for instance. If they ran out of time they shoud have taken the whole start of that quest out of the game.
  3. I agree with boiler completely. I got an interesting convo with sion because of my high persuade and because I said the right things to him to erode his will. He says that you are his final test and with you dead kreia will accept him as her apprentice against "As it should be" or something like that. Anyone else get that?
  4. What do you mean 'damaged'? Any specifics? I'm a spoiler hound, you see. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Let's just say...she was roughed up. PM me if you want to know more.
  5. First of all, I hate barbies. Second of all, there's nothing wrong with them, if that's your thing. We don't ruin threads, we enhance them. Stop sippin' on that haterade
  6. You know the russians have "connections" Lukie
  7. She certiainly doesn't look human to me.
  8. That makes perfect sense! Better yet, she's a wookiee!
  9. Right I know that, she still doesn't look human though.
  10. Wasn't there a rumor going around that she's a Cathar?
  11. I know what one your talking about. Does it ever say what species she is?
  12. She certainly doesn't look like it Bo.
  13. See how my followers flock to defend their master Lukie? Tell me where are *your* minions hmmm? Outlooking for cool sith amulets so they can be like Exar Kun?
  14. No they don't silly Sith fools, right apprentice?
  15. Dark side muscle head That's why malak got the business end of my lightsaber. "Let's blow up everything like idiots! We are sith hear us roar!" DS Luke you may be a darkside master, but you can't destroy the Pink Goddess :cool:
  16. That's a bad example for a Sith. We sith are not idiotic to kill everyone, who simply kill whomever stands in our way. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes you are, which is why the pink side is supreme!
  17. Heh, not like "Luke" for example? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ^ He's got a point.
  18. LOL. Don't let me influence you, but I'm almost done with the game and let's just say women's intuition never fails vecause my suspicions about ol' atris were righ ton the nose. Watch her kiddies and watch her close. Kreia too. Still haven't figured out what atton's deal is though.
  19. lol well seeing as you're the pinkside goddess or w/e they call you then you and Atris must have alot in common then So what exactly is atris like? is she like bastila or what? I ahev the game but i can't play for another few hours hehe sux for me ehh :"> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> She's more preachy than bastila. I don't like her because I sense anger in her and that means she's not a jedi, which makes you wonder.
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