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  1. Yeah at this point i'm wondering why I spent the extra money for it, since it seems to be wrong about 100% of the time.
  2. There's a Boo.Lang.dll file inside the game's data! And it has nothing to do with the Boo you are thinking of. PoE uses the Unity engine and the Unity engine includes the Boo scripting language, hence the file.
  3. I've started, and stopped to read this thing about 5 times so far. Every time only getting a few paragraphs before I just can't be bothered. Even zoomed in, the font is just horrible for reading. It is made even worse by the fact that several letters, like lower case E, X and W are very ambiguous (W looks like an M, and E and X while different both look like some form of R) and then amplified by the fact that given its content there are many fictional words. Fictional words written in a fton that has letters that are hard to idenfity result in UG.
  4. No pretty much every game continues to function in the background unless it has a setting not to. As an example I just recently started a new playthrough of Mass Effect 3 and alt-tabed out to browse the web during the unskippable intro movie, then came back a bit later.
  5. This thing is a real pain to read due to the chosen font. It may look cool but its hard on the eyes and makes it a lot slower and harder to read.
  6. I am trying to create a Ranger class character, and on the step to choose my animal companion. Each option has enough text in the block on the right to need scrolling, but since I am choosing in the block on the left, I can find no way to scroll to see all the text. 1) Start a new game 2) Choose a race 3) Choose the Ranger class 4) Choose a Ranger ability 5) Now on the step to choose Ranger Animal Companion, the descriptions in the right that coincide with the choices on the left, contain too much text to fit in the box, and thus are scrollable. However you can not scroll the box on the right from the box on the left.
  7. Character creation, Race Human, Class Ranger. The first Ranger ability choice window's title.
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