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  1. So it has been 2 1/2 hours since this post... Any information yet on when backers are getting their keys? So it has now been 3 1/2 hours since this post...
  2. So it has been 2 1/2 hours since this post... Any information yet on when backers are getting their keys?
  3. Yeah, with my network speeds, I would guess at 24 - 36 hours to download, so I really want to get preloading... Wondering if I could order on Steam to begin preloading, then request Steam support cancel / reverse the order once I get the backer keys...
  4. Got 'down for maintenance' splash screen going to my account, and got all hopeful, then refreshed again and it came up with "no products available... yet"
  5. Looking less and less likely that I will be getting my key on Monday or Tuesday 4:20 pm on Tuesday here...
  6. You know Brandon Adler said that we can expect them on Wednesday or Tuesday, yeah? No I didn't know that, I just miss read this update as saying a week before release, rather than the week of release... Really wish they would just release the keys...
  7. Is anyone else checking their account every 30 minutes to see if the keys have shown up yet?
  8. Really hope that there is a preload option, and that backers get their keys in time to do the preload of the game (as opposed to getting them on release day as the post seems to suggest)...
  9. Every day I check my Products page to see if Kickstarter backers are able to get their keys yet, and every day I am disappointed... I was so hoping that I would get my keys for the game before christmas, but it doesn't seem likely
  10. I wonder if the Giant Minature Space Piglet implies Giant Minature Space Bacon... Mmm... Bacon. On another note, I am checking my Products page daily for the keys, so I can get the pre-order entry into my steam library I know when the keys are released we still wont have access to the game until the release date, I just like the idea of having it showing in my steam library.
  11. It's not releasing until next year so there's certainly time, at this point a game key wouldn't do anything other than adding a title to your library. Nothing to play yet as this is not a beta pass. My main reason for asking is in regards to gifting additional copies to friends before they go out and buy the game themselves.
  12. Has there been any word on when backers will get their key(s) for the game?
  13. So if we want a game without race discrimination, does that mean that Ogres, Dragons, Trolls, Aumaua, Dwarves, Humans, Orlan's, and all the other "Good" and "Evil" races should all get along fine together?
  14. Yeah, I am getting the 500 - Something Went Wrongerror every page I try to look at apart from the Forums, although the main site is showing me logged in, I just can't do anything as this error keeps coming up in IE 7, IE 9, Firefox, and my cell phone browser.
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