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  1. Only had Ultima IV map myself, and that was pretty awesome too. Pretty good for a bargain bin find for the Amiga way back when. Anyway, in the future I'd probably prefer a good quality paper map that you can actually read, instead of a second-rate cloth map...
  2. Just got it now too. The cloth quality seems better than WL2, but it is too damn blurry.
  3. It is a bit flimsy, if you compare it to the good old days of Ultima maps for example. Should be getting PoE stuff in the mail tomorrow so we'll see how that compares...
  4. I guess I should have it too, since I was a Kickstarter back also...
  5. I think it was Adam Brennecke who said he'd love to do another kickstarter (correct me if I'm wrong). And yeah, I'd love Arcanum 2 (if they could somehow get the IP from Activison) or something similar anyway!
  6. Seems fixed for me too, and showing up as recently played in my profile too!
  7. Yeah, achievements do seem to be unlocking and I can see them when I go to my game library and select Pillars. Just the actual achievements page isn't showing up.
  8. Can't be just that, Divinity: Original Sin and Wasteland 2 tracked progress and achievements just fine for me and I didn't buy them directly from steam either. Anyway, not a huge deal but kinda annoying still...
  9. I don't really get the appeal of permadeath/ironman modes in story-driven games like these. In roguelikes and stuff like that, sure!
  10. Option #1 please, I don't even have a DVD-drive in my current computer...
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